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The Soldier was living in an apartment complex when a tornado blew through our town and caused extensive water damage to his complex.

He had between 4-6 inches of water flood his apartment and ruin everything he owned. Upon trying to get him support through the State Family Program their assistance is not immediate. The Soldier was then given eviction notice due to unlivable conditions. He was supposed to deploy but his deployment was cancelled. He had given two weeks notice at his then employment since he would be on a year deployment. He was told he would be given his over time, sick leave & pto to financially tide him over until his deployment date (within the 2 week period of giving notice), however the proper documentation wasn't done and his severance was denied. He has gone almost a month without a check, he has currently started back at his previous employment, however all the money he has acquired (from borrow from his brothers in arms) had gotten him into a new apartment and his utilities set up. During his move his living conditions came to light. Everything he owned was water damaged, his army uniforms reak of mold and as many times as he washes them they still smell, he has no couches or dressers, and literally packed his belongings into 6 boxes that I had given him. His bed was involved in the water as it was on the floor, he did not have a bed frame. He slept on that making due just adding new sheets to stay from getting wet until it dried up. I have networked and given him his first ever brand new bed and bed frame. He has no pots & pans to cook with and most of the Time finds himself asking to have a fellow soldier cover bills which most of the time we do without a thought. ( cell phone bill, money for hair cuts for drill or money for a few groceries to hold him over he always pays each person back) he also has a daughter that he pays roughly 600$ a month to in child support faithfully. I never like to see a soldier struggle much less one of my own, as I run the FRG unit he is enlisted with. Any help would be greatly appreciated, he needs a big hand up right now. I have yet to find any local resources that he will qualify for or that the emergency accounts aren't depleted. Red Cross gave him 125$ that went straight to electric deposits on the new apartment and some food, and then our local vfw my husband is in gave him 100$ that went towards remaining bills from his apartment he was forced to move from. This soldier has been over seas 2 to 3 times and has signed up for volunteer deployments hoping that will help him survive. I greatly appreciated speaking with you this past weekend, and look forward to passing in any help I can get him, thanks so much for looking into the matter!

Ashley Winterrowd
836 Engineer "Sapper" Co.
FRG Leader
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