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Please make a generous donation today. This will be a very educational and effective tool in the battle to end homelessness and poverty.

I want to write the book that MUST BE WRITTEN! I feel that there is an important STORY THAT MUST BE TOLD forming inside my mind. I have an urgent need, as if it were my destiny, to tell the world what it is really like to be destitute in a world of prosperity and plenty. I do not think many people have an accurate idea of what that might be like. I want to tell the story as though the reader had been transported into the body of a homeless transient. I want them to feel the cold wet ground through the holes in their shoes. I want them to feel the scornful outcast, embarrassment, total social rejection, and disgust of passersby as the poor are forced to approach strangers on the street and ask them for handouts. I want readers to feel what it is like to be reduced to standing on a corner holding a scribbled sign saying “Please help-family hungry”. These desperate people are the ones who will truly experience that life-force sapping, enervating, sickening, debilitating feeling of seeing nightfall coming on and starting to shiver with the cold, knowing full well that they have nowhere to go to keep their families fed, warm, and safe for the night.

I MUST write the book that will finally let people know deeply and intimately what destitution is really like, in emotional detail as if looking through the eyes and walking in the shoes of someone who has actually been there and lived through it. That would be me. I truly feel that it is for this purpose that God has kept me alive through my ordeal of extreme poverty and homelessness. Who could better tell the story than someone who has been there-done that? I escaped that torment, others can too! To my knowledge, no one has yet written a major book from that perspective. This could be a very educational and effective tool in the battle to end homelessness and poverty.

I intend to travel to many major cities across the USA and spend much time with the vagrants themselves. I plan to interview hundreds of destitute people on the streets, in the alleys, and under the bridges. I will take many high-quality photographs of their living conditions, their daily activities, close-up details of their ravaged faces, their dilapidated housing, their filthy clothes, and their view of the world. I will make audio and video recordings in their own words of their ideas of what their lives are like, of what their hopes and dreams are, of where they are heading, of what went wrong, and of what the world needs to do to help. I will include many of those photos in the book itself along with a jacketed DVD of my videos.

Please help me accomplish this important work by making a generous donation today. I promise that nothing will be squandered or wasted. There are so many expenses to be covered in this process that I cannot possibly do this without your help. I have only a basic idea, at this time, what all of this will cost. The money that I am trying to raise initially will be carefully stretched as far as it will go to meet the needs as I go along. I hope it will be enough to finish the project, but if it is not, you will have the opportunity to donate more to the cause later if you wish, as I will surely come back to these websites if the need arises.

I will donate most of the proceeds from national and international sales to an existing foundation, or to a new, yet-to-be-created one, to benefit the homeless and desperately poor. The rest will be earmarked toward work on subsequent books and possibly a movie.

I will keep all donators informed of progress along the way and all donators will receive a complimentary signed copy of the first edition printing. I also intend to repay all donators, who wish to be repaid, from the proceeds of book sales.
The working title is:

What is it really Like to be devastatingly poor and homeless?

This may change as we get nearer to publication.
I thank you, the homeless thank you all for your generous help. Every donation will be a big help, no matter what size. I am eager to get started, with your help, even before the full amount is raised. Help me get started right away with your gift.
Thank you.
God bless you,

Michael Murray
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