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The family and friends of Natalie Parry are uniting to raise money for medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Friendship and love are powerful tools that make all the difference for someone fighting a serious illness. With your help, Natalie Parry, can become a survivor in her battle!

Unfortunately, Natalie has had the misfortune to experience both sides of enduring a fatal disease. She has known the fear and heartbreak of watching leukemia take the life of her son, Bryson, to four years later, herself being diagnosed with a rare blood disease, Behcet's and month's later, Lymphoma. The two together are challenging to treat.

Natalie and I met five years ago, just months after she lost her eight year old son, Bryson, to a three year battle with leukemia. Natalie and her husband, Brandon, had worked hard to become financially stable before illness interrupted their lives. Then, at the same time they were dealing with the emotional turmoil of their son’s illness and passing, his medical bills threatened to take their financial independence. Just when they thought they had regained some financial footing, Natalie was diagnosed with Behcet's disease and, month’s later, lymphoma. Soon after Natalie’s diagnosis she was put on medication that was $8,500 a month and then a surgery that totaled over $6,000, all out of pocket. Insurance did not cover any of it. This wiped out any savings that they had created. The bills seem to be piling up again and treatment is still ongoing.

Natalie and Brandon also have two daughters, Taylor, a freshman in college ($$$) and Logan, an acitve ten year old ($$). These girls' lives have been overshadowed by disease and financial stress. They have already lost their brother, they deserve a chance to have their mother healthy again and Brandon, his wife and soul mate. A once active mom in her children's daily activities, sports and school, is now unable to drive and is facing little to no energy to just get of bed. Please help me take the financial burden off them by supporting a family that deserves a miracle.

Natalie’s son, Bryson, called her Nonnie. It is in honor of Bryson’s fight and Natalie’s future survivor story, we are calling this campaign, Nonnie’s Run. If you can make a monetary donation, please contribute. And, prayers for the family are welcomed and encouraged!

Your financial contributions are greatly appreciated whether through this site or direct. If you would rather send a check directly to Natalie, her address is: Natalie Parry, 1031 Bradford Lane, Archdale, NC 27263.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shannon Perry at 336-266-6415. THANK YOU in advance from the Parry and Perry families and friends.
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