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This is the Ashley's better life disabilities Fund. The funds will be used for Ashley medical costs and related expenses not covered by ins.

Ashley has been diagnosed with 13 life lasting disabilities in the last two years. This is a fund raiser to take away all financial burden of her and her family. Due to most of these conditions her abilities to do certain things in the years to come will be limited or non existent. Right now theyre ability to pay the bills is below what it needs to be. The fear of not being able to physically do the things with her family when they can afford it arises. So no this is not a typical fundraiser but one that is well worth the money. Ashley is only 25 years old she has four children two of her own and two step children. Her husband works very hard to provide for them all. He has started a business in which does not get the time to be successful due to the multiple doctor appointments. The main point of this fundraiser is to give Ashley the life she deserves or would have if not for her conditions. Here is the medical breakdown.......

Ashley Swenson – D.O.B. 09/22/1986

Past Procedures and Surgical History

1.Dilation and Curettage (scraped out uterus) 2008

2.Dilation and Curettage (scraped out uterus) 2011

3.Endometrial Ablation (burnt out lining of uterus) 2011

4.Tubal Ligation (tied tubes) 2011

5.Wisdom Teeth Removed – Lower Two - 2011

6.Lymph Node Biopsy – Left Groin –(swollen glands) 2011

7. Colonoscopy 2011

8. Laparoscopic Low Anterior Resection (removed 12 inches, rectal prolapse) 2012

9.Oophorectomy (removed left ovary) – Left side 2012

10.Bowel Obstruction Surgery (small intestine looped into pelvic floor) 2012

11.Urodynamic Testing 2012

12.Hydro Distension and Cystoscopy 2012

13.Sigmoidoscopy (unknown cause for not holding food down for 2 weeks) 2012

14.Endoscopy (unknown cause for not holding food down for 2 weeks) 2012

** I have had 2 children. Normal deliveries; 6 pound babies. **

1.Samuel Swenson 05-22-2008 . . . bled for 6 months straight after delivery

2.Joshua Swenson 10-15-2009 . . . bled for 2 years straight after delivery

1. Chronic Migraines

2. Interstitial Cystitis

3. Rectocele – still need surgery

4. Cystocele – still need surgery

5. Auto Immune Disorder – Doctor has not figured out which one yet . . .

6. Hyperthyroidism

7. Chronic Anemia


9. Fibromyalgia

10. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

11. Hepatitis C – cleared virus January 2011

12. Severe Depression and Anxiety

13. Low Vision, Astigmatism, Lazy Eyes

Severe Symptoms
1. Abdominal pain (constant – mostly left sided)

2. Anger - Irritable

3. Joint, bone, muscle pain

4. Migraines (obviously)

5. Fatigue, even when I wake up

6. Abnormal/prolonged vaginal bleeding

7. Painful sexual intercourse (during and up to 48 hours afterwards)

8. Frequent, painful, and unsteady flow of urination
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