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We really need help with medical expenses the doctors said time we leave the hospital our bill will be over 100,000 please help us

Hello my name is Charlotte Traenkle im a wife and a mother of 6 kids. Me and My husband work fulltime jobs to support our children. We go to church every sunday and just live our lives. One evening i noticed my youngest son Preston was "twitching" and i was concerened it was something i should take him to the hospital for. So i drove to boardman hospital im from warren ohio and they said he was having seziures. They sent him home after a few days on alot of medication. i was giving him the medication for a few weeks and didnt see a change so i returned back to boardman hospital where they shipped us to Akrons Childrens Hospital. They Diagnosed my Son with Epilespy and corticol dysplasia. He needs to have a major surgrey because he has folds in his brain and they have to cut pieces out for him to stop having the sezures. As im writing this hes already had 6 seizures today. Hes on a special diet in the hospital called ketokal its high fat low carb died its supposed to slow down the seizures till he has his surgrey. but its not working very well. Hes on 4 medications that arnt helping as well they r phenobarb,trileptol and keppra also valium. The doctors said no meds will help him he has to have this surgrey but they are slowing them down a little. My baby is devleopmentally delayed due to the seizures. He cant hold his own head up, roll over, play with toys, when u lay him on the belly he cant lift his head up. He really needs the surgrey. doctors say my hospital bill will be over 100,000 after the surgrey and all the hospital stay. i could really use alot of help financially right now. everything helps. Im not sure what more to write but i do plan to keep a journal and update this everyday. sorry if a few things r misspelled im trying to write this in a little hurry to get back to my baby. thanks everyone who read prestons story !!! please share this with the world. god bless everyone

Here is a little infromation on them


is a medical condition that produces seizures affecting a variety of mental and physical functions. It is also called a seizure disorder. When a person has two or more unprovoked seizures, they are considered to have epilepsy. Seizures happen when clusters of nerve cells in the brain signal abnormally, which may briefly alter a person's consciousness, movements or actions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, epilepsy affects 2.2 million Americans. The Institute of Medicine, in their recent report "Epilepsy Across the Spectrum," says "the 2.2 million prevalence estimate is most accurately viewed as approximating a midpoint in a wide potential range of 1.3 million to 2.8 million people with epilepsy."

Epilepsy affects 65 million people worldwide.

While medications and other treatments help many people of all ages who live with epilepsy, more than a million people continue to have seizures that can severely limit their school achievements, employment prospects and participation in all of life's experiences. It strikes most often among the very young and the very old, although anyone can develop epilepsy at any age. In the U.S., it affects more than 300,000 children under the age of 15--more than 90,000 of whom have seizures that cannot be adequately treated.


Cortical dysplasia

is a malformation of the cortex of the brain which can lead to pediatric epilepsy conditions. It is considered congenital, meaning that it is present at birth, occurring during development of the embryo and fetus.

Normally, the brain cells, the neurons, are born during development in the innermost part of the brain, near the ventricles, the fluid-filled spaces within the brain. As they develop, they travel outwards to populate the outermost grey matter of the brain, the cerebral cortex. The normal cortex has a very specific and complex architecture with 6 primary layers of neurons. In some children this process of development does not occur properly in some parts of the brain. As a result the cortex in that area develops abnormally, often without the normal layers, architecture and connections that are required for the normal functioning of the brain.

This abnormal development is termed cortical dysplasia. It can occur in small, discrete parts of the cortex or can involve large areas of the brain. For example, cortical dysplasia involving an entire cerebral hemisphere is termed hemimegancephly.

While it can occur sporadically without any obvious cause, in some disorders it may be a part of a larger genetic abnormality of the child. An example of this are the tubers of Tuberous Sclerosis which resemble other forms of cortical dysplasia in many ways.
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