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Hello . I'm asking that our dear lord Jesus opends some doors to send out forgiveness to those that want to harm my partner and send him away for life .

I realize he's not the perfect friend in all. I come to you to day and as that use keep him and n your prayers . he has no family but me we raised 2 kids together good step father he is and grandfather as well . the grand kids miss him and don't know were he is and I'm sinning by lieing to them on were he s were about is . his freedom has been taken from him and they wanna give him life for some he did not do . because of the few family members of mine that want to control my life disliking him . they've dine something very bad to him . I've been with my partner going on 16 years he's all I know . to be with . he has no dad .his mom don't care about care about him his sister don't as well .the few brothers he's got don't care . he's made me and my 2 kids his family right from the start and now we've got 5 grand kids I really need help he's really scared having to face prison . please to those out there please help me bring him back home I'll. Anything counts please I can't live the rest of my life knowing that it was my family that's done such harm to him just because my mothers in love with him sick in the mind and other are being bribed by her . please help me bring him home . he's in their on some big chargee threats and first degree robbery . which all he did was GI get my bike back that a family over did not wanna five bk. So my. Mother and uncle called the cops on him making up all these story and now the law wants to keep him for life . please pray for him please help me raise. The money to get someone to help him fight this case. Out hear . I need bail bond and only short 1000 rollers to do that part . please find some kindness in your heat and do a good dead today and give a donation to day to freedom foundation thank use much his name is Vincent m guttierrz and yes in Santa Barbara county jail please set him free from there dear lord Amen
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