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Dire need of a bypass to save ones life and make a difference, read my story... Every $1 is another day closer to a healthy life to give bak

Struggling with weight all my life and getting bigger and bigger, I tried everything. Ive went to countless doctors and dieticians who all told me the same right and exercise you will loose weight. Well I ate right and exercised and gained more. Year after year I kept getting bigger and by the time I was 10 I was over 200lbs! Through the torture of my school years and many days being afraid to look in the mirror, no self confidence, and depressed with no friends to look to I've kept on. Through family crisis, foster homes, and still gaining at 18 I was 350lbs. Many times I've looked at myself and wanted to take a knife to myself and cut it off. Many times I was told by my crush or other boys "If only you were skinny you would be pretty" "You have a pretty face" Even my family told me that. I hated my self for many years because beyond living a busy active lifestyle I still was unable to loose anything more then 3lbs. I could never run, climb, play tag, and I wasnt much for hiding as a kid. I was always the last picked. Now I am 23, I want to do so much with my life but I feel it is running short due to my extreme weight. I am now 430lbs and gaining. In July 2011 I had my first stroke. I lost function of half my face, left arm, and leg. I was terrified. I have been diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia, which means my heart begins to beat 230+ beats per minute. I may have an episode that could send me easaly into cardiac arrest. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Disease. That alone affects everything. I dont want someone to have to dress me and feed me at 30 years old. I have Seizures which is linked to the ventricular tachycardia and not enough oxygen getting to the brain and around my body. I have chronic asthma, I stop breathing at night. I have also severe spinal scoliosis and with the weight it makes it near impassable to walk sometimes. . . I dont want to die young. Im afraid I wont live past my father. My goal, my dream, at the end of this battle, is to make sure the fat little girls you see sitting by themself alone in a school courtyard know that I understand. And there is help, and you can make a difference and you are better then the ones that neglected you or abused you. You are an army....of one!!!
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