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Matthew (Chip) Tiitto who is 38, recently had a stroke that attacked the brain stem and has made him unable to move or speak. please support

Matthew (Chip) Tiitto aged 38, the youngest of 10 children, a Navy Veteran and over the road truck driver,  recently had a major stroke that attacked the brain stem centering at the "Medulla Oblongata". It has made him unable to move other than nodding or shaking his head, giving a light squeeze with his hands, and a inconsistant wiggle of his toes; and the inability to speak. There was a question of did he want to live like this, but since the stroke has not affected his ability to make clear and concise desisions and a total recall of past events, the question was given to him, "do you want to overcome this situation with rehabilitation?" He enthusiastically nodded his head yes.

Now the challenges are before Chip. Through therapy and rehabilitation, there is hope that he may regain some aspects of movement and speech, and possibly even more than we can expect. That is our prayer. He currently has a Tracheotomy and a breathing tube inplanted in his throat, and a Gastric feeding tube which enters through the front of the stomach. He is staying at a hospital in Lincoln Nebraska and depending on how he does there, may go to a very good stoke center in the area. (UPDATE, he has been moved to the Stroke rehabilitation center on 11-19-12).

The only reason he is in Nebraska is that it was a place he found work as a truck driver and mechanic. All his family live either in Ohio, Nevada, or Florida. The goal is to get him to Ohio at a stroke facility for long-term care at a Veterans Rehabilitation Facility were he can be visted by family and friends while moving forward towards a healthy and productive life.

 Chip is a dog lover and loves muscle cars, especially Mopar.  He ought to do well at his rehabilitation center because the have a theraputic dog program. His love of dogs will help immensly we believe.

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