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Shannon Royal / Carnevale pancreatic cell transplant fund.Charlotte Royal is listed as benaficary since she is handling my finaces.

Shannon is a 28 year old female who is in desperate need of a pancreatic cell transplant. In early 2000 she started to experience extreme abdominal pain, weakness, nausea, and vomiting. This began her 12 year search for the cause and treatment of her symptoms. For over 10 years she has spent her life in and out of the hospital, on IV medication, struggling with digestive issues, vomiting, extreme pain, and weakness. She went to dozens of doctors and hospitals but did not receive a definitive diagnosis.
She was finally diagnosed in January 2010 by her GI doctor in Mesa, AZ who suspected she had "sphincter of oddi dysfunction." The Sphincter of oddi muscle is a valve between the pancreas and stomach that opens when you eat to release bile into the digestive system to digest food.) With this condition, the valve does not open completely or at all. Shannon was treated for this disorder. Within two weeks her vomiting had lessoned enough to remove her IV, she had energy to do things and actually felt her body digest food a feeling she couldn’t even remember having. Unfortunately this drastic improvement did not last.
The valves entering and leaving Shannon’s pancreas have been closed about 90% for over 10 years. Still searching for answers, a doctor in Colorado agreed with the diagnosis of Sphincter oddi dysfunction and performed surgery to treat this illness. She had this surgery twice. Although she had great results both times the relief from the surgery only lasted a few months. After her second surgery she was informed that they had fixed the problem but for some reason the valves they had cut kept closing. It was then she also found out that due to the bile being trapped in her pancreas for so long it had done irreversible damage to her pancreas and minor damage to her kidney’s and lungs.
In January of 2012 she was informed that the damage to her pancreas was more severe than they had thought. Other than getting a new pancreas, there was nothing that could be done to help and her health would progressively decline. After some research, it was recommended that she have a pancreatic cell transplant. With this procedure they will remove her pancreas, harvest the healthy cells, and replant them in her liver. This should grow a new organ that will take over for the pancreas. She is on track to get medical coverage soon from the state but will still need an estimated $77,000 to cover the added medical expenses for this type of surgery.
Shannon lost a lot of weight. She is down from a woman’s size 8 at her healthiest to a children’s size 10. Eating cause’s extreme pain and she keeps down less than 10% of what she eats. There are days she doesn’t even try to eat or get out of bed due to the pain. She wakes up almost nightly screaming or vomiting from the intense pain. She takes IV medication and fluids around the clock to reduce the pain and spasms from the pancreas, along with helping to prevent dehydration. She has lost most of her strength making walking, standing, showering, climbing stairs, or even brushing her hair quite difficult and tiring. At this point she is house bound only leaving for doctor appointments or short visits with family.
At this point her quality of life worsens daily, but her attitude and spiritual state of mind are amazing.
Please be a part of the miracle through prayer and financial assistance if able. Praying for a miracle and providing emotional support to her and her family is the most valuable thing you can do.
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