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The Family and Friends of Kyndell are uniting to raise money to help him get the Items he needs to make his life seem as Normal as Possible.

We always knew something was wrong with our baby when he would cry for no apparent reason.January of 2011 a friend of mine gave me a book called the "Out of Sync Child".
I was so anxious I read the first few pages and began to cry.I began to do the checklist and found he had many of the symptoms. That night I was awake for hours searching for every piece of Information I could about sensory processing disorder and ways to FIX my BABY and what I possibly did wrong. So I got all my Information together and the next day I made him a appointment to see our pediatrician.I explained to her all he was doing and she gave him a developmental exam and he was severely lacking. She looked at me and said have you ever heard of sensory processing disorder.

They then informed me my son also had Autism.I said there is no way he speaks a little,he let's us touch him and I continue to name of stuff he does that a autistic child doesn't.She looked at me and said he doesn't say complete words at all and his behaviors and meltdowns are not because of his age they are because of autism.She gave me the best advice i have ever heard.

Autism is like a virus there are many different viruses and different symptoms,there are many spectrums of autism..
People think that all autistic children cant speak and cant make eye contact that is not True.

Kyndell can hear sounds that no one else can here.He can smell stuff no one else can smell.His sensory issues are on overload all the time and there is no changing it.

This past year Kyndell has came so far with therapy but he still does not know the stuff he should as an almost 4 year old he cant recite his Alphabet and he can barely count.

Kyndell has some obsessions that you don't see in normal kids.He loves power rangers and every thing associated with them he pretends to be a power ranger most of the days. He can sit for hours in the floor and take apart a toy and put it back together.He has no fear at all jumping from his bed onto the floor on his back doesn't scare him.We have caught him trying to climb out of his two story window.

Kyndell's sensory issues play a huge role in our life he hates to buckle up in his car seat because its too close to his body.We have tried to get him a car seat that will benefit him and wont be as rough or touch him as much but the adjustments he needs will cost a lot.

He doesn't wear socks because he can feel the stitching on them and it hurts him. One pair of sensory socks is 10 dollars plus shipping on sale. He has never wore a pair of underwear longer then 2 minutes because the band around the top and the legs bother him and he says it hurts and screams for hours.We have only been able to get him to wear one type of shoes which is the velco shoes that are super flat and have no stitching or extra material on them because he complains they are to tight. We buy him a new pair of shoes every month because his feet stink so bad from not wearing socks.It has gotten so bad that the smell of his shoes are starting to bother him because he can smell them.We have washed them and have tried everything besides buying him a new pair of shoes everyday.(2 weeks of wear and the smell is unbearable)

Clothes are another issue on top of all the other behavior issues he doesn't wear jackets,coats,collar shirts,sweater,certain jeans.We have learned a little about what he will and wont wear,but it 's embarrasing when we go places and everyone looks nice and dressed but Kyndell doesn't.

Kyndell doesn't sleep well at all we have tried melatonin,but we have took a break from it because we dont want him addicted to it.We have tried to improvise with a down comforter for him as a weighted blanket which runs about $500 or more it did work for a while but now that he is getting bigger the weight is not heavy enough to help him sleep.There are many items that Kyndell could benefit from to make his life and ours a Little easier.

Kyndell is the cutest kid you will ever see in your life and he has the sweetest heart ever but he has issues that he can't control.So when you are in the grocery store and you see a child having a meltdown it might not be because the kid is bad it could be that he has a disorder that causes him to get over stimulated causing him to loose control and meltdown.It is still hard for me as a mother I have became a victim in my own home because i don't want kyndell to feel like he is different so i don't make him go to the grocery store,we stay away from things we know will make him have a meltdown large crowds,lots of noise,which keeps our family from doing things that normal families do kyndell loves bowling but we have to go when there is not alot of people there.It's hard as a parent not being able to comfort your child when they are hurting and everything upsets him and puts him into tears. Kyndell has spent most of his life crying and having meltdowns. But,he still has the Sweetest smile in the world.

Please Help us Help Kyndell get a few items he need to make his life a little easier since there is no CURE for AUTISM.We just have to Adjust or Life to Make It Easier.

I want to make sure we did everything possible to make his life THE BEST it could BE for HIM..

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