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We are hoping to raise enough for Nanette's medical expenses and treatment. We need everyones help

Hey, may not be around for awhile, it's my 31 year anniversary today and the Dr. just gave my wife and I some news. She has malignant lung cancer and a poor prognosis. .I would like to thank everyone here for their kind words. Yes we are getting more tests done and more opinions. My wife is not ready to give up, she has more resolve and fight than any person I have ever met. This is not the first time we have been tested or the worst and so far we've won them all.

In the early 90's when she was seven months pregnant with our second son she contracted Varicella pneumonia resulting in DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). This caused her to lapse into a coma suffering multiple bilateral strokes. For six weeks the Doctors told me she was brain dead after multiple Cat Scans while she remained on life support for four months. I refused to let them disconnect the life support and she slowly recovered.

After more than a year of physical therapy learning to walk and talk again she was left hearing impaired, minus half a foot, one toe missing on the other and massive scarring, but alive. She became pregnant again shortly after and they discovered cervical cancer during a routine visit. Her doctor suggested aborting the baby and a radical hysterectomy but she told them they would just have to wait.

After the baby was born we went to the hospital in Gainsville Fl. for the surgery and complications arose afterwards. She ended up on life support again fighting for her life in the ICU for three weeks. She pulled through and spent the next eight months getting radiation treatments.

My wife defied all odds, the DIC she had has a mortality rate of 95% and the prognosis of the cervical cancer wasn't much better. She went on to later become a teacher for special needs children and raised our three sons to become the finest young men you could ever meet. Our boys still to this day consider crap a bad word and will only spell it out rather than say it.

About the treasure of our three boys. We were married for ten years wanting to have children but for some reason we just could not conceive. We would walk our dog every night and pray to god if we could just be blessed with children we would give up everything we had. Let me tell you, we had plenty. A nice beautiful brand new home we just had built, a maid to help keep it clean, a thriving Electrical Contracting business, and a new retail lighting store. We used to joke our theme song was "Our futures so bright we have to wear shades", remember that one?

Well I guess the old addage is true, be carefull what you ask for, you just might get it, and we did. My wife finally became pregnant with our first son and we were the happiest people on the planet. Eighteen months after our first was born she became pregnant with our second son and the above is a short synopsis of the following events, minus all the real trauma.

Yes we lost everything, home and businesses included. Insurance company bailed after the first million and we were left on our own. This was the first of three times we've had to start all over again from scratch, not including our first time as newlyweds.

So, yes, we are fighters. We've never received a dime of assistance and keep struggling back. The last time was due to the death of the building industry in Fl. with this economic collapse. This was the reason for my great motorcycle journey to Ca. to see about starting a new life again. And this is the reason why a broken back and physical pain was not an impediment to me. We just walked away from our third home and left it behind and moved here without a pot to piss in.

The picture of my beautiful Jaguar is just that, only a fond memory. Sold it after owning it for seven years to pay bills while layed up from my fall, bought the bike and headed west. I'm relaying this tale not for sympathy because if you do I'll be pissed as hiell at all of you. It's to let you know we are strong and won't go down without a fight.

I love my wife dearly, have been faithful for 31 yrs, and only wish I could take her place in this terrible time. She is my life and soulmate and there is no one who can ever replace her. But I tell you now, if I knew all of this ahead of time I would have gladly married her all the same. Sure we've had our ups and downs like any couple together this long, but the good has definitely outweighed the bad a million times over.

In case it wasn't apparent, our second child was born while Nanette was in the coma and is now a strong, handsome 19 year old young man. We couldn't be prouder of our three sons, I just hope we have the time to go into the grandparent business together.

Thank you all for your wishes and prayers and I apologize if this has caused any sorrow for any of you. It's just our parents are gone and it's sometimes good to have someone to talk to, even if it's just a computer keyboard.
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