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Thank you for helping to fund our little Anthonys treatments that could help him defy the odds and overcome his birth related brain injury!

Phillip Mueller a very good family friend is now in charge of the funds for Anthony's treatment! He will be writing the checks for our baby boys HBOT, Masgutova and ABM sessions! In this way Anthony's SSI benefits are not lost by the fundraising efforts put forth by his friends, family and beneficiaries!

Also check out! We're working on a benefit concert, tshirts and much more!

On the 5th of May Anthony Moro the IV was born. His birth was traumatic and he suffered oxygen deprivation. It took 10 minutes to resuscitate him, but the damage to his fragile brain was done.

He spent 7 long weeks in NICU, on a ventilator for much of it and then undergoing gtube surgery at 6 weeks old so he can eat. He's already making huge strides, his MRI results at 3 weeks old were devastating, his brain damage due to lack of oxygen is substantial and severe. Even then, he made massive recovery steps all on his own, the neurologist was shocked based on his damage that he was even breathing.

We want him to continue to do defy the odds and improve!

There are many therapies that will greatly benefit Anthony in these early months when his brain has the most plasticity and ability to repair and rebuild. We already do Physically therapy, speech therapy and OT, along with all the other doctors and specialists.

But it's not enough to offer him a real chance at a better future in his own body, we want to do and try everything available to aid our amazinganthony. We are looking into other therapies that have shown great success with brain injured children, unfortunately they are also not covered by most insurance providers.

We are already seeing an anat baniel practitioner for Anthony 3hours away, but since its a therapy outside of PT we pay out of pocket. We work to see her a few times a month, and even the few sessions we've already done we've seen wonderful responses from our little Anthony.

We are also want to get him in an HBOT therapy. This is successful for many types of disorders but is not covered by insurance for CP or brain injuries even though there are very real improvements for those who undergo the intense therapy.

Another therapy is called the Masgatova method. There is a place in Hollywood that offers this therapy and parent training so we can work with Anthony as long as needed at home. Masgatova goes hand in hand with the anat baniel method. Masgutova is about reflex integration, and ensuring Anthony has a more solid foundation to build up base skills upon. Often children with damage like Anthony's will get stuck in a reflex, it may never be integrated into other movements, or a reflex may never develop at all. Leaving gaps in development.

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