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This fundraiser supports Anne and Jerry Schutte in the effort to save Harper, their cherished pet German Shepherd.

"A dog has one aim in life... to bestow his heart."
J.R. Ackerley

Harper, a beautiful 6 ½ year old female German Shepherd, suffers from a rare virulent fungal disease called Aspergillus. Harper first showed symptoms of this systemic disease in the fall, but misdiagnosed, the pathogen attacked her spine, weakening her vertebrae and causing paralysis of her hind legs. Overnight, Harper lost her mobility and has not walked for several weeks. An MRI and lab tests confirmed the diagnosis of Aspergillus, and her veterinarian predicts that her spine will collapse without surgery. Lovingly cared for by her owners, Jerry and Anne Schutte at their home in Tempe, Arizona, Harper remains happy, retaining her kind-hearted nature as she responds well to pain medication. In order to survive, Harper requires spinal surgery and a two year regimen of expensive patented medicine to counter the Aspergillus in her body. The spinal surgery, scheduled for Tuesday May 15th, 2012 will fuse her spine (T9-T11) and reveal evidence of the progression of the disease. She will require follow-up blood tests to carefully monitor her condition. With these medical procedures, Harper's quality of life can be restored.

Jerry and Anne decided to give Harper a chance to regain that quality of life.

Anne says, "Harper came into our lives at 4 1/2 months. She was with a family that didn’t want her which is hard to comprehend, as she is the most loving creature with the sweetest temperament I have ever known. She is highly intelligent and true to shepherds, herds me around the minute the day starts. She loves her daily routine; has to show me where to turn the water on for our garden and finds the end of the hose and brings it to me so I know where the water will come out. She loves her friend Rufus (a rescue shepherd that was half starved and dumped in the desert), and she waits patiently for us to come home from work so she can have her evening play and walk. She awakens me during the night in a frantic state if my breathing becomes labored from asthma. My friend calls her a “heart” dog. She is someone I admire greatly, that I respect and feel so fortunate to have in my life."

The cost for Harper's care, already substantial, will continue to rise with the expense of surgery, follow up care, and the two year supply of patented medicine. This effort will financially burden the Schutte's. Several of you have asked how to help, and this site serves to collect donations. All donated money will help pay for Harper’s medical expenses. If you can not donate, please pass this along to any interested pet or dog lover you know.

No donation is too small. In this situation, every dollar counts.

On behalf of Harper, thank you for caring - thank you for your generosity and for assisting in whatever way you can.
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