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This is the Jonathan Chandler medical fund. These funds will be used for medical expenses and other bills not covered by minimal insurance.

Beginning in 2009, Jon underwent a substantial reduction in salary from his employer when he was shifted from an hourly position to a salaried management position. This was just the beginning of our family’s medical hardships.
In the spring of 2010, Jon began suffering from debilitating migraines. These migraines caused him to become extremely dizzy and lose vision for short periods of time. After a trip to the Emergency Room for one of these migraines, he began seeing a Neurologist who determined that Jon was suffering from Ophthalmoplegic migraine with aura. (Symptoms associated with this type of migraine include severe pain around the eye, temporary paralysis in the muscles surrounding the eye, temporary vision loss, blurred/double vision, droopy eyelid, and/or other vision changes, as well as nausea, and anxiety).
In May of 2010, Jon underwent a routine outpatient sinus surgery for chronic sinus infections. The next day he had to be hospitalized for Pancreatitis and was kept for over a week. He was then subsequently hospitalized for recurrent Pancreatitis in May 2010, October 2010 and again in November 2010. Each time, he was kept in the hospital for a minimum of five days and the cause could not be determined. He was placed on a mandatory medical leave by his Neurologist during the summer of 2010 while he was actively being treated for his migraines. During this time, he received only 60% of his pay from his insurance company. Jon had only returned to work full time from his FMLA leave for approximately 8 weeks when he was terminated from his employment, two weeks before Christmas. After actively searching for employment for six months and receiving only minimal unemployment benefits, Jon was finally able to acquire a temporary position in June 2011, receiving approximately half the compensation of his previous employment with no medical benefits. This position ended in December 2011.
During 2011, Jon had begun to experience pain in his neck and shoulder which became excruciating near the end of 2011. He was referred to an Orthopaedic Specialist, who determined that Jon was suffering from a broken cervical fusion from a previous surgery performed in 2002. Essentially, he had been walking around with a broken neck. The Neurologist indicated to Jon that this fusion had probably been broken for up to two years prior and was definitely the cause of his pain and may be a contributing factor in his migraines as well. It was also determined at that time that another fusion would be necessary for a second set of vertebrae that had become deteriorated. This surgery was performed on February 14, 2012. According to his doctor, Jon’s recovery time for this surgery will be a minimum of six weeks in a hard cervical collar followed by eight weeks of intense physical therapy. He also informed Jon that it could take up to a year for the bones to fuse completely. At which time, he would determine Jon’s future physical capabilities.
During these past two years, we have exhausted all our financial resources and family assistance. At this time we are unable to meet our financial obligations, including our mortgage. We want very much to be able to remain in our home and fulfill our financial responsibilities.
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