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We are racing to Save My Son. Medical Expenses, Transportation, Accommodations, General Expenses for a Heart Transplant is beyond our means. We Need Your Help!

Hello and Welcome~

I would like to introduce you to Jeff Lively and Family. Jeffrey Lively, Amie Lively, Orion and Angel Lively.  Jeff and Amie have been together since 1998. They moved from Denver to start a new Family, in the country. They bought a 10 acre Farm and started their new lives in Iowa. 

Life was Great...until Jeff's first massive heart attack, at the age of 32. Since then, Jeff has had a second massive heart attack. He is now being placed on the Heart Transplant List by his Cardiologist in Rochester Minnesota where he currently goes to the Mayo Clinic. 

I have included a report from Dr. Cookman, below. Updates to follow. 

I am asking you to help my Son and His Family! They have lost everything they own through these past years. Once making over 50,000.00, together, they now depend on welfare and Amie's part-time job that makes 7.00 an hour, 4 days a week. The exuberant cost of traveling 5 hours to Rochester and having to pay for their own accommodations has taken all they had left in savings. They desperately need your help... 


My Son is, a 34-year old white male, which at age 32, suffered a very large anterior wall myocardial infarction in February 2007. He underwent angioplasty and stent of that vessel and then two weeks later underwent repeat angioplasty and stent of the posterolaterial branch. He suffered another myocardial infarction on 3/01/09 when he presented with complete occlusion of the circumflex branch. The prior stent in the LAD was patent. He had another angioplasty and stent and required inotropic support with balloon pumping as well. He suffers now from a severe ischemic cadiomyopathy, and chronic congestive heart failure, with a 15% ejection fraction. Healthy individuals typically have ejection fractions between 50% and 65%.

According to Dr. Cookman, ‘This will be a lifelong condition for him and will require intensive medical therapy.

Jeff has had implantation of a permanent pacing defibrillator, shortness of breath, with three leaks in his values; this is a deadly combination, in itself.

According to Jeff’s Cardiologist, Dr. Joseph Cookman, who saved my Son twice, now, states; “I consider this patient completely and totally disabled and this will be a lifelong condition. I do not anticipate improvement in his left ventricular function enough that would change this recommendation.” Joseph J Cookman, DO

Jeff is now on oxygen.

A very wise lady advised I should add content concerning the funds we need and what it will be used for. Where in the world do I begin? 

First, there are medications My Son's Cardiologist want him to take, however, the meds and cost are not covered by his current insurance provider. 

Second, the cost per trip is averaging around 1,000.00 for a weeks stay in Rochester Minnesota. My Son is required to go to Rochester, which is 5 hours from our residence, at least once or twice per month. 

Third, we are now looking at having to relocate my son and his family to Rochester. They need a home. 

Fourth, their current vehicle is falling apart. It frightens me every time they leave. They have a 98 Mountaineer that needs to be retired. Jeff and Amie need a vehicle that will be easy to get in and out after surgery, yet, good on gas mileage. 

Fifth, General Living Expenses, which include mortgage/rent, utilities and food. Amie is going to need assistance with the children, in Rochester. A Day Care is really out of the question. We will need to obtain the services of a babysitter during those times Amie has to be at the hospital with Jeff. 

Sixth, Sponsorship for Fundraisers: Two Major Fundraisers in Spencer Iowa with small webpages requesting donations. 

Amie has worn herself out taking care of her Family. Jeff is accepting that he may not live long enough to see his children grow up. He lives with the fact that he was once the primary supporter and now he watches his wife take care of everything and work part-time. It is hard on all of them. They need a break, 15,000.00 will not cover everything that Jeff and his family need but it will sure help! We have fundraiser plans on the table. Now, all we need is a sponsor to help. We are doing as much as we can on our own but what we are looking at in the near-future is overwhelming.  There will be 21 months of recovery after the heart transplant. They will have to stay in Rochester until the Cardiologist release them to go home. Who knows, maybe they will decide to stay in Rochester? 

We are racing against time. Time is not on our side. From this week on everything changes and unless we can make the changes necessary for Jeff and his Family, he can not get to Rochester, he can not get the meds ordered by his Cardiologist and he can not get his heart transplant. 

In the coming weeks as we get the final reports from all the test that Jeff has endured, we will update our information, for you. I can not stress how critical my Son's situation is. I will attempt to take photo's and video's and post Medical Reports so you will all know....this is a life and death case with nothing to hide. My Son is Dying. I am asking for  your help. 

Jeffrey Lively, My Son,  is the Heart of Our Family!  

Laughter Will Return~

Thank You,

Current Medications:















#1 Premature Coronary artery disease

#2 NYHA Class IV Heart Failure with severe reduction in peak VO2 of 16 mL/Kilogram/minute, 

(Wall Motion Abnormalities present)

#3 Echocardiogram demonstrated significantly enlarged left ventricle with an end diastolic dimension of 72 mL. 

#4 Ejection fraction calculated at 15%

#5 ECG shoed numerous parametrail ventricular complexes

#6 NT-PRO BNP OF 1484

By S.S. Kushwaha, MD, Joyce, Lyle D, Deziel, Paul J, Rieck, KevinL; Bentjen, Kimberly C, Rodeheffer, Richard J; Truex, Cindy R; Edwards, Brooks S, Acker, Nancy G, Brooks S Edwards, M.D.; Jody A Hanson-Heart and Lung Transplant-Cardiology, of Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota



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