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The family and friends of Susan Bohney are uniting to help with medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Susan was diagnosed with colon cancer in May of 2004. She was 42 years old, an exercise instructor, a lab instructor in the Biology department at ACC, and a student. Her children were 14 (Brandon), 10 (Josh), and 8 (Sarah). She went in for a hysterectomy due to gynecological issues only to find out after surgery that she had cancer. This was very traumatizing for the family. She had a sigmoid colon resection, full hysterectomy, and was released from the hospital. Two days later she developed a clot and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. This was the beginning of her journey. Susan completed 22 of 24 recommended chemotherapy treatments.

In 2006 her gastroenterologist referred Susan to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. She had numerous colon polyps and the source was unknown. Mayo Clinic found 3 tumors and recommended that she begin another series of chemotherapy. For the next 6 mos. Susan was on a chemo regimen called FOLFOX with avastin. During treatment Susan was accepted into the nursing program at ACC and with her oncologists blessing she started nursing school in the fall of 2006.

In 2008 Susan completed nursing school while continuing on a maintenance drug called avastin. She had 3 tumors that were inactive. Susan began her nursing career at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center in Wheatridge. She worked 32 hours/wk on the telemetry unit, a step down critical care unit. The family was doing well and she loved her job and the tumors did not show any signs of life.

September, 2009 the tumors were active again and another round of FOLFOX with avastin was recommended. Susan took a 6 month leave to battle this disease again. Her body could not tolerate another treatment, it seems she may have suffered a small stroke, therefore, oral chemo was started but not very effective.

June, 2010 Susan underwent surgery to remove the tumors, however, one was in a very risky area and could not be removed. January, 2011 a colonoscopy revealed a new primary tumor in the colon. February 14, 2010 Susan had her colon removed along with another tumor discovered on her pancreas. She was in surgery for 11 hours. This was the first of a 2 part surgery. Susan had a stoma for 10 weeks and then had the 2nd surgery to reconnect her small intestine into a constructed bag inside her body.

After 4 weeks of recovery she returned to work. The cancer seemed to be gone and her CEA marker, a blood test specific for cancer, was in the normal range for the first time in 7 years. For Susan the CEA was always the first indicator of any cancer activity. Unfortunately in September, 2011 another tumor was found and Susan underwent another surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeon saw more cancer and recommended chemotherapy. Chemotherapy was scheduled to start January, 2012, however she developed a blockage and another surgery was done to remove the blockage caused by scar tissue.

Susan has lost a significant amount of weight and strength due to her disease and multiple surgeries. Chemotherapy, although recommended, could be dangerous for Susan at this time. She has chosen another option that is not the typical standard of care.

This month Susan went to Phoenix, AZ to start treatment with Envita Cancer Center. They use natural supplements intravenously to fight the cancer along with the inflammation from all the surgeries. The duration of treatment is 8 weeks, she will be away from her family and support system. Insurance will not cover this particular treatment and the cost is at least $48,000 or more depending on how her body responds.

This 8 year battle has drained their family both mentally and financially. Susan is in the battle of her life right now and the mounting medical bills are a worry we would like to take away from her. We can't change this disease, but we can change how they fight it! Thank you all for your donations, support and most importantly prayers. We do believe in miracles and we pray for one each day.
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