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The Sweet Pea Emergency Vet Care Fund will be used to absorb veterinarian costs to treat an abandoned dog's injuries after being attacked.

On the evening of Friday, June 24, 2011, an 11 month old puppy called "Patches" by her original owners (Now named Sweet Pea), was tragically mauled by two Great Pyrenees Shepherd dogs when she found a way into their fenced area where they protect a herd of sheep. She was wanting to play with the two dogs and had no clue as to what dangers lie ahead. The incident lasted almost five minutes before the farmer was able to rescue her from certain death.

During the attack, Sweet Pea, a small Jack Russell/Bulldog mix, was repeatedly thrown into the air and then bitten from opposite ends by the two dogs as they tried pulling her apart. Her screams garnered our attention and we tried in vain to intervene and save her. Sweet Pea was thrown into the air again, but this time she laid still and everyone thought she may have succumbed to the attack. We called the farmer next door, who owned the shepherd dogs and asked him to help us save her. The farmer, who is also a large animal vet, was quick to respond once notified. As he ran to the scene, he shouted orders to the dogs to stop. In hearing the farmer approaching, Sweet Pea lifted her head and tried to limp to him, but this made the two shepherd dogs resume mauling her. The farmer had to literally pry her from one of the dog's mouths, after which he handed the badly injured Sweet Pea to us on the other side of the fence.

Upon inspection, Sweet Pea's injuries were extensive, with multiple bite wounds and blood staining her white coat. The farmer/large animal veterinarian inspected her wounds and stated that he did not have the proper resources to treat small animals, but that it was crucial she be treated at a veterinarian hospital immediately.

She was rushed to her owners who refused to take her to a veterinarian, stating that they would just put hydrogen peroxide and vaseline on her. Shortly after, a man exited the house to pour rubbing alcohol on her wounds. It was at this point that we insisted the dog go with us for immediate medical attention. They responded that we could just keep the dog because they couldn't care for her anymore and didn't want the responsibility.

Sweet Pea was removed from her neglectful owners and immediately rushed to VCA Highlands Animal Hospital in Abingdon, VA. The veterinarian who examined her stated that she was extremely fortunate to have been rushed to their facility as her wounds were in fact life-threatening if not attended to. We were told that a chest X-Ray was required to make sure there was no breach to the chest cavity area, that surgery may be needed and that sutures were needed in several places where she had been bitten and torn.

At this time she is still within their intensive care unit under a high dose of pain medication and antibiotic treatment. She is under observation as she has never had her vaccinations (According to her former owners) and it must be assured she does not have rabies. Her hind area is riddled with tubes to drain out each bite wound and she has a very hard time lying down with that and the IV connected to her right front leg.

Her injuries include severe bites around her hind area, stomach and neck. A bite mark can be seen on her right ear as well as a small laceration just under one of her eyes.

We have been visiting her and keeping up with her progress and the veterinarian has given her a good prognosis for recovery as she is responding well and is now able to walk a bit on her own to use the bathroom.

The previous owners have refused to cover any medical costs and now we are faced with a mounting bill that has already reached $1200 for her treatment. We are told she will be able to come home tomorrow (June 27) but will have to be quarantined inside with us. She will be the new addition to our family and will be an indoor dog for the most part.

We are asking for any donations to help us absorb the costs of this unforeseen incident. We were not financially prepared for this, but we couldn't just turn our backs on her. Thank you so much for your donations and support for this little innocent puppy. It will allow us to focus more on the amenities that we will need to keep her happy and safe. We are also getting pet insurance to cover any future costs and are looking into fencing our yard in to keep her out of the road and from the pasture where the incident occurred.

She has a great loving home she is being welcomed into and she will continue to be provided the best care, love and attention any pet could ever want. Again, thank you for taking the time and for your donations and support!


Jeremy Cantelli & Amy Eger
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