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A Mission Possible- Be One of "Barbie's Angels" to continue her road to recovery from Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Barb’s life changed  November 2013, when she was first told that the lump she found in her breast was Stage 4 breast cancer. Exploring all options for cancer treatments, she interviewed conventional, integrative and naturopathic doctors both near and afar, as well as met and talked with survivors from in all three treatment approaches, before deciding on her path.  After a lot of diligent research, Barb found her answers in California with team of integrative Medical Doctors who specialize in innovative cancer treatments, all which make the body whole again thru non- evasive treatments that combine both conventional and natural medicines.    Although a road less traveled for by many cancer patients, Barb chose this path due to their customized approach to treating each patient as an individual.  They understood the complexity and importance of treating not only the cancer but the Type I diabeties and Graves disease she had been diligently managing for 20+ years and it's critical role her road to recovery.   And they offered an approach which aligned with her wishes to achieve optimum health, healing and happiness while traveling thru this journey.

 Barb, being the positive optimist, refused to give this diagnosis power. She renamed her diagnosis “The Nudge” because she felt the word cancer has a negative energy, a word created to feed us with fear, a word we are programmed to associate with a death sentence. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to grow and a new “Sentence to Live."  Anyone who knows Barb knows that she is extremely determined, disciplined and gives 100%,  and that when she sets out to accomplish something she doesn't quit until the job is done.  So it comes as no surprise that immediately following her diagnosis, Barb got right down to business, courageously and cheerfully, with juicer in hand, coffee enemas at the ready, fueling up everyday with an anti-cancer diet, exercise and just about everything and anything under the sun to promote her recovery.   For more information on Barb’s story and treatments, we encourage you to visit her wonderful website at:

 Barb is feeling and looking great as a result of these integrative treatments. She has been called an “exceptional patient” and fellow patients call her an inspiration and a postcard of good health!  Her energy still continues to parallel that of the Energizer Bunny while continuing to run her successful interior design business.  However, she still has a journey ahead of her.  The high costs of integrative medicine are not covered by insurance, leaving Barb to cover these expenses out of pocket.   We, as her family, have started this page to raise money to provide her with all the necessary tools she needs to continue to have success with these treatments and put this “Nudge” in remission for life.  Although medical costs are her largest expenses, any donation you can gift her with would be received with the greatest of gratitude, including donations of airline, hotel and rental car miles, gift cards to Food & Thought, Whole Foods, massages, or say a winning lottery ticket are always appreciated!   For more information on donating miles, or if you prefer to donate with a check (to avoid the credit card processing fees) please email  the team captain for more information. When Barb is victorious in her campaign, your generosity will carry on, as we all will thankfully pay it forward to others with their own journey not yet at hand!!



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