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We live on Kaua'i, but both Amber Malia and Shawn are in Kapiolani Medical Center for a Women and Children.

Amber was medivaced to the island of Oahu Janurary 30 after being rushed to Kauai Veterans Hospital Emergency Room and inpatient during Christmas Weekend which went beyond New Years. She had another Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) heart episode and hours later, given birth to her 26 week old premature son Shawn who was born with the severe Intraventricular Hemorrhage Grade 4 (IVH 4) amongst other issues on February 16, 2015 . Both have severe disability issues and battling the fight for their lives. Amber and Shawn are now in the hands of The Hawaii Pacific Health team*. They will be needing support for medical needs, travel and boarding, flight and ground transportation, and home bills that are adding up. Shawn’s prognosis for his development and homecoming is still unknown. Her overwhelmed boyfriend Tim has been making the emergency flights over and with her now. Her sister Zan has been there. Her son Temana, international visiting mother, two brothers Caleb and Cullen are awaiting the two arrival on Kaua’i. They will need all of our prayers, love and good vibes more than ever.
The scoop:
Amber Malia Alimboyoguen was diagnosed with Superventricular Tachycardia (SVT) and hyper-thyroid in Sept 2013. She had noticed the new symptoms during her relationship with her previous partner (2011), but wasn’t able to provide the doctors with info because of the diseases attributes. The stress from her physical and psychological abusive relationship continues, which caused the palpitation pressure and an enlarged-heart. Within the discovery of the SVT issyes by March 2014 at Wilcox Memorial Hospital,* it also in tales needing an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). device closure to be put around –the hole in - her heart with a needed open-heart surgery to avoid a stroke. Prior to 2011, She was a super athlete; deep in extreme sports; in a highly stressful career of over 60 children a day and demanding adults all day and night… it was an jam-packed independent lifestyle she believes is easy and has had for 20 years. If you know her- it comes with her unique nonchalant , sarcastic, charismatic and optimistic laidback temperament, that the ASD heart issue never exposed itself . Her first SVT and ASD heart surgery in April 2014 was unsuccessful, and multiple hurricane emergencies to follow all year that cancelled all appointed dates there after.

Amber is under the care of Straub* Oahu & San Diego’s paediatric cardio specialist, surgeons and staff because of her petiteness. In her fight with her current postpartum depression, her new worry is if she will be able to handle her heart situation; unable to participate in any social NPO community activities that used to engulf and fullfill her life (of course it includes her loving 3 year old son); and find the strength to breastfeed her nubie preemie Shawn Laniakea Schoenhardt with the heart issue and future heart surgery (date unkown).

For Shawn, whose disability isn’t just being in the Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children (KMCWC),* our 2 pounder is unable to be held by both his nurturing parents (Tim and Amber). His life encompasses being born with 4 months of hospitalized pregnancy complications with a unknown infection that continued for both of them after birth, his responses kept giving Amber contractions that couldn’t be hidden within her excruciating infection pain. He was luckily enough to be born in the ambulance just around the corner of KMCWC, than at her boarding locations restroom where she found pain relief. At birth, he showed healthy signs of active movement and breathing on his own. But, it is possible that Shawn’s head sonogram that was done after birth had shown an Intraventricular Hemorrhage Grade 4 (IVH 4) or grade 4 brain bleed that may have also caused his response to give Amber early contractions. She was hoping to have a C –section to relieve his stress. Following a day after his birth he has had seizures, apnea, respiratory distress, lung disease and unstable blood pressures and platelets. He is in a very critical part of his recovery as he has oxygen and a brain bleed that they are monitoring closely.
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