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I am raising money to help me get the multiple surgeries I need, out of state.

I need help with everything. I am a Registered Nurse. Seven years ago, I had a normal life. I have lost everything due to spine issues, part of which was a birth defect, tethered cord. Some where along the way I developed giant sacral cysts. I also had serious cervical issues from an injury in my twenties. I have been living a nightmare for the past seven years. I have been seriously messed up from multiple surgeries and need to leave my state to try and find help. I need help. When I leave for help, I essentially live in my car with a portable potty. I have been putting off trying to get help so I can catch-up on all my bills, but am suffering everyday while I do this. I would like to leave for help as soon as possible. I will try and submit more pictures and information. Thank-you!
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