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We strive to provide support for athletes in Training for the 2012 Olympic games in coaching, athletic equipment, and various other means. Donate today for 2012 Summer Olympic Gold

 A. Mission Statement:

United States Olympic Athletes in Training Corps is dedicated to providing support for athletes in training for the Olympic Gold and beyond.

Business Model:
We will give out internships and scholarships to chosen sub-elite and student athletes, respectively. Elite athletes will be supported more directly through sponsorship and marketing as well as higher positions in the company.
The company will accomplish its mission statement primarily by setting up chosen athletes with internships in the company. These athletes will have shown the work ethic to compete on a high level and the talent to progress further in their field. The athletes will be given jobs that not only suit their time tables and monetary needs so they might continue training, but will also cater to and expand upon their abilities and interests in order to prepare them for the eventuality of a high level of success both on and off the athletic arena. Some athletes will be offered continuations on their internships to continue working for the company.
The internships will be broken into several groups:
a) Marketing – The individual will learn how to get a name out to the public through public television, the internet, and other media sources.
b) Grant Writing and Donations – The individual will learn how to write effective grants for non-profit purposes as well as preparing and giving presentations for potential donor companies, groups, and individuals.
c) Entrepreneurial – This has the possibility to be the largest group. If an athlete in our employ sees a need in a community for an athletic camp or other athletic oriented event, they may apply to the board for money and aid in putting together their perceived need.
1.An example of this would be a sports camp, personal athletic training for individuals, or a tournament of some kind.
The company will also aid athletes in training with professional coaching free of charge, an extreme burden that usually makes training for individual athletes nigh impossible under the elite level.

Short Term Goals:
=Acquire funding from individuals and companies interested in supporting US Olympic gold.
=Contact sub-elite but aspiring athletes known personally by Nicholas and Bret.
=Market our services to Athletes outside our direct areas of influence to bring them in as interns.
=Get elite level athletes already on the Olympic level on board with the company in officer positions.
=Start innovations on the entrepreneurial level, get some in-house funding going to help sustain company business

Long Term Goals:
=Put Athletes in the Olympics.
=Make athletes successful in business after, before, and during their athletic career.
=Start enough sports camps and other business enterprises to provide grants to other charitable organizations.

B. Services
Our main services will be to the athletes we cater to. There will be several services:
1.A part time job for qualified athletes that pays as well as a full time job while also teaching the athletes valuable lessons they can use to become successful athletes and businesspersons.
2.Scholarships for student athletes who have demonstrated sufficient work ethic in the classroom and on the playing field and are pursuing higher collegiate education.
3.Provide any services for the advancement of Athletics that may come up in the entrepreneurial department of the company.
4.Give Olympic Athletes in Training free counsel and coaching.

C. Location
We are based in Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, and San Diego. Due to operational efficiency, we do not currently have an office, as we meet over the internet and phone conference. However, once the company grows to sufficient size to necessitate an office, one will be rented in San Diego and in Palo Alto to eventually be purchased as needs dictate.

D. Legal Structure
USOATC is a Public Benefit Company set up for the advancement of international amateur sport, coinciding with IRS form 501(c)(3) for tax exempt organizations.
Our two executive board members are Nicholas Howe and Bret Bocook, Esq.
Nicholas is a NCAA Champion in the Javelin and is working towards a degree in Poli-Sci at UC San Diego and fostering Gold Medal hopes for London 2012. Bret trained for the U.S. Olympic rowing team and gave a good effort at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Both these individuals know what kind of dedication and hard work it takes to get to the next level in sports. Bret provides superb overall direction for the company as its CEO and an experienced lawyer and businessman. This direction is put to the ground by Nicholas, Chairman and President operating the company and providing the groundwork for success and expansion.
Further additions to the executive board will be limited to only trusted individuals who share the same goals and desires as the current board. Later board members will be elected by the current board.

E. Management

Bret Bocook, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Bret will provide general leadership for the company and take some of the reigns for legal advice as a barred attorney. He also takes to the streets to get donations and market the company to potential athletes in training.

Nicholas Howe
Chairman of the Board, President and Founder
Nicholas is the point man for the company, setting up the organization of the company. This company is his baby. He makes sure the ends meet, ensures that the athletes are being educated and their needs met. He makes every operation run smoothly and sets a face to the company for prospective donors.

F. Personnel

Upper Level Management and Growth
As of yet we have a very limited personnel; however, as the company grows we have a plan for exponential growth throughout the nation and the world.
The two executive board members mentioned above in management are searching for directors for the three branches of the business. As it is, they are serving multiple roles until more specification is needed in each of the three realms: Director of Scholarships, Director of Internships, and Director of Entrepreneurial Activities. These Directors will report directly to the CEO and Chairman and provide upper level management in their areas.
Under these directors of general areas will be officers in charge of smaller cases, such as a Chief Marketing Officer under the Director of Internships. Some offices will be mixed and matched one person until growth necessitates more personnel.

The Athlete-Interns
The most important Personnel will be the athletes taken in to facilitate their training and better their financial futures. These Athletes will be compensated $16-24 per hour, twice to three times minimum wage. They will work a maximum of 15-20 hours a week, unless they have special circumstances (such as children, monetary issues where they will be able to work more or their salaries adjusted, further framework for this will be available for review). This will allow them to make above average wage in order to continue their intensive Olympic training, which they will need to document and be responsible for reporting to an Athletic Adviser.

Athletic Adviser
This will be a coaching and mentoring position that will provide potential Olympic athletes guidance as well as monitoring their progress. For the Athlete-Interns these Advisers will also give reports to the business managers overseeing the respective Athlete-Intern to make sure they continue to pursue their goals.
This position will be limited to experienced coaches and fitness professionals with experience in specific athletic fields. Track coaches will coach track athletes and Advisers with Personal Trainer certifications will give workout advice, etc.
Prime individuals for this position will be established coaches with a degree in Sports Science, Nutrition, or an Appropriate Certification.
Salary will depend on experience and qualifications.

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