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Tegan update

Posted by Josh Beyer on August 6th, 2012


 July 12 the bilateral mastectomy went as planned.  Tegan was in the hospital for approximately three days.  Everything seemed great the first week at home besides expected side effects of surgery.  The JP drains came out the second week, and the last one was removed Friday the 27th of July.  By the end of the day, we knew that something was wrong.  

  That afternoon symptoms were going down hill. The pain had become uncontrollable even on strong, prescription meds.  Tegan's temperature kept rising.  That weekend she was in extreme pain coupled with shivers, sweats, fever, redness and inflammation in the left, elective breast.

  On Monday she arrived at the Plastic surgeons office, and they admitted her immediately.  After getting iV antibiotics, that night the left breast was aspirated to see what type of bacteria they were working with.  The area wasn't draining on its own, so a team of doctor's did the dirty work.  They aspirated 27 cc's out with a small needle and sent it off to the lab. A few days later they confirmed it was a small colony of staph aureus yet thankfully not MRSA.  The next day a full operation was planned.  The plastic surgeon said that he would remove the old tissue expander, wash and irrigate the area, and then put another implant in its place if the infection wasn't too bad.  That's exactly what the team did since the infection hadn't effected the tissue and muscle.   

  After a couple more days on IV antibiotics, Tegan was released from the hospital on the 6th day.  

  Now the good news.  Joslyn is fully bear crawling on her hands and feet not knees and has gotten in a new eye tooth.  She's such a happy baby.  The same with Talon.  The last week of camp passed.  That was donated by the Schoolhouse Nursery School in Mt Laurel because of our situation.  It's kept him happy and busy during this time.  What an amazing donation!  Both children are happy and healthy.

 The chemotherapy start date was supposed to be today, August 6.  However that will be pushed back due to the infection and surgery.  Our goal is one month or less for a new start date.  Since the surgery was done again, Tegan is still unable to work.  She will unable to be for some time.  We're praying that we don't experience any more bumps in the road.  

  We're eternally grateful for everyone's help during this time.  People have donated their money, time, food, rides, prayers, kind words, and human milk for Joslyn since the diagnosis on June 6.  The generosity that we've experienced has been heart warming, and this has helped us more than words can express.  We're blessed to have such a great support system.  Thank you.

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