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Tracie Trosclair's family and friends are coming together to raise money to help with her debilitating mental conditions. Please help!

Tracie Trosclair is a beautiful, intelligent, athletic, charismatic, devoutly Catholic 25-year-old girl. She has struggled with mental issues her entire life, but debilitating mental and physiological diseases did not strike her in full force until she was a 22-year-old college student who had recently moved out of her father's house and started a new job at an apartment complex.

Over the last three years, Tracie has been plagued with depression; suicidal thoughts; manic bouts of unexplained happiness, despair, and violent rage; extreme weight loss; anxiety attacks; an inability to learn, retain, or use information; paranoia; and crippling OCD. She has dropped out of college and is unable to hold a job (though she has tried several times).

She has been evaluated by an army of doctors, including Dr. Shelly Savant, Dr. Greg Hunter, Dr. Rene Bonin, Dr. Kelly Cob, Dr. Marie Pace, staffs of doctors at Vermillion and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitals, several psychiatric counselors, and several specialized psychologists. These doctors have diagnosed Tracie with diseases and disorders like bipolar borderline personality disorder, thyroid problems, Lyme's Disease, mania, clinical depression, psychotic episodes of unexplainable rage and/or anxiety, and even bipolar personality disorder and other, meaning that they have yet to understand or even discover what her actual problem is. She has been diagnosed and un-diagnosed so many times that none of us are sure what problems actually affect her.

She has been prescribed over 25 medications, including Seriquel, Clonopin, Prozac, Xanax, Wellbutrin, Geodone, Respirodone, Adderal, Lithium, Trazedone, Celexa, Lexapro, Cymbalta, Zoloft, and Depacote. Because almost none of these medications have been long-term solutions, Tracie self-medicated briefly with marijuana and often consumes excessive amounts of alcohol in desperate attempts to ease her pain.

Her family has also suffered. Tracie's violent rage, paranoia, poor coping skills, and depression have led to, among other things, a broken window, shattered personal items, hysterical screaming, verbal abuse, frantic phone calls that require talking her down from rage or depression, and excessive overreactions that lead to furious confrontations. Marriages have been strained, careers have suffered, and children have even been relegated to the sidelines of their parents attention at times, because Tracie's suicidal needs have overshadowed any other concerns.

However, we have one beam of hope. Tracie's neurologist, Dr. Shelly Savant, believes that the best treatment option for Tracie is to attend a five-week-long therapy program at a facility in Arizona called The Meadows ( Unfortunately, the program is very costly; Tracie is being charged a reduced price of $36,000 for the treatment, not including plane tickets to and from Arizona or continued treatment at home after the five weeks are done. Therefore, Tracie's friends and family are attempting to raise $75,000 to pay for the five weeks at The Meadows, plane trips for Tracie and the family member who will escort her to and from the facility, medications, and the continuing treatment that will occur once her time at The Meadows is over.

Please help if you can! Additionally, we humbly request your prayers for Tracie and her family as we undergo these trying times.

Thank you very much for considering our plea.


Mark Trosclair, Jaynell Trosclair, Dawn Kendig Trosclair, Nick Trosclair, Jessica Drackett Trosclair, Timothy Trosclair, and Sarah Metz Trosclair

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