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The Carter-Smith family started this fundraiser for support in paying our doggies hospital bills after being diagnosed with Parvovirus.

Hello, my name is Deborah Carter and I'm 22 years old. I currently reside in California  with my partner and dogs. I'm starting this fundraiser because recently two to my dogs contacted parvo and are in severe to critical care in the hospital. As days go by theres treatment after treatment, test after test and of course bill after. You can say we were not prepared for this at all. Not to mention for the last couple years I have been unable to give my kids(dogs) the health insurance that they need to stay strong and active.So with this fundraiser I am seeking to be able to finally give them that opportunity. First being able topay off these bills, and then start the recovery stage. also they will be able to catch up with all vaccinations, be covered with future emergencies or injury, medication will be taking care of, and any future issues. All with the help of these funds. My babies range from two months to three years and there's so much stuff to be done but we cant keep up with it at the moment. I hope to accomplish my goal sooner than later to insure them with long and happy lifes!! Thank You in Advance!!!! Charlie and S.J.'s symptoms caused by parvovirus: loss of appetite, dehydration, lethargy, vomitting, fever, severe diarrhea, with this they are lefted tired and drained of energy. besides their physical behavior, internally they really take on a fight. What Parvo does to the animal body: its enters the body orally," the virus seeks out the nearest rapidly dividing group of cells. The lymph nodes of the throat fits the bill and the virus sets up here first replicating to large numbers. Over the next 3-4 days, the virus seeks new organs containing the rapidly dividing cells it needs: the bone marrow and the delicate intestinal cells. Within the bone marrow, the virus is responsible for destruction of young cells of the immune system. By killing these cells, it knocks out the body's best defense and ensures itself a reign of terror in the GI tract where its most devastating effects occur. If not treated parvovirus can cause death in two ways:
  • Diarrhea and vomiting lead to extreme fluid loss and dehydration until shock and death result.  
  • Loss of the intestinal barrier allows bacterial invasion of potentially the entire body. Septic toxins from these bacteria result in death.
Can your dog recover from this? Even parvovirus cannot disrupt the entire immune system. Plus, every day that goes by allows more antibody to be produced. This antibody can bind and inactivate the virus. Whether survival is possible amounts to a race between the damaged immune system trying to recover and respond versus the fluid loss and bacterial invasion.   Update Aug.1, 2012: Charlie and S.J. are currently still hospitalized. Charlie still has a loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea, vomitting, tired, drained and is not responded the way we will like just yet. it is his fouth day with the virus and third second day in the hospital. Great news thou.. this morning wen i walked in his was walking around and gave us some waggin of the tail :) S.J. on the other hand is responding much better to treatments, seeing as his symptoms are not as severe. He also dosent have an appetite but he wants to eat so bad when I was trying to mouth feed him :)   Charlie and S.J. your family misses you!! Were praying for you and we love you!!!!  
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