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Please show your support and let the people with disabilities know that you care and they are important too.

Assistive technology assistance provides disabled people with assistance to obtain education, hearing aids, TTY, Captel, videophone devices
I myself have been deaf since I was a child, the doctors say it was from all the ear infections I had when I was an infant.
Upon getting my first set of hearing aids in third grade I was able to hear the zipper on my coat, the birds, and even myself breathe.

Over time my hearing had gotten worse and will progressively get worse.
The doctors I've seen cannot come to a conclusion as to why my hearing loss is so severe or how to prevent it from getting worse.

right now I am unable to hear phones, alarm clocks, fire alarms or general conversation unless in a quiet room and I have visual contact with the other person
I have over the years taken a few lessons on ASL but I am not good enough to carry on a conversation.

The last job I held was as a cashier at a small gas station
i worked there for about a month and I had mentioned to the manager that it may not be a good idea to schedule me to work alone, because if I were working alone and
someone were to come and get gas I would not be able to hear the register letting me know that Someone is waiting to have their pump turned on.
it was exactly 24 hours later that I was let go.

My children as well as other people generally get frustrated when talking to me because I often ask them to repeat themselves.

Assistive Technology would enable me to effectively communicate with people around me like my children, family, friends, potential employers and once employed
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