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Please show your love and support for #FoxyStrong as she fights to BEAT Breast Cancer!!

For those lucky enough to know Roxy she is one of those people that would do anything for you. The first person to be there whenever you need her no matter when it is!

Just when things seemed like they were FINALLY starting to look up for her, she received the call that would change her life and really all of those around her.  Roxy was officially diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer on September 23, 2014. Those three little words "You have Cancer" can really flip your entire world upside down. She has had a very rough few years, (various surgeries for other medical issues, out of work for a long time, loss of loved ones and so much more) but somehow or another has continued to survive and smile through it all. 

The money that we hope to raise through Give Forward #FoxyStrong will help Roxy cover any and all medical expenses as well as daily living expenses. Our goal is take her worry away from anything financial and focus on getting healthy. With chemo, radiation, lab tests, scans, and various procedures; these medical bills will continue to grow. Just know that whatever you give is being received humbly and thankfully.

This battle is one that she cannot and should not have to fight alone. Just as Roxy has been there for everyone else, it is now time to be there for her!! Anything and everything can help.

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