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"My sweet son, Lucas, is safely in God's arms.....his perfect self was reunited with my mom, Nana, at 8pm on Sunday, July 8th." Christine

posted by Christine Anderson on Monday, July 9, 2012

I now know why the sunset was so beautiful last night...the doors of Heaven were open and just waiting for Lucas to come home. Lucas, surrounded by family, friends and his beloved dog Tucker, entered the kingdom of heaven as its newest angel on July 8, 2012. Lucas’ beautiful spirit and sweet nature will be missed by all who knew him.

During the final months of Lucas’ life he was enveloped by the love of so many friends, family and clergy. The continuous flow of visitors and well wishers was unbelievable. The outpouring of support for our family was truly awe inspiring.

Lucas’ wake service will be held at St Margaret Mary Catholic Church, 526 N Park Ave Winter Park, FL, from 6:00 – 9:00 PM on July 11. The funeral mass will be held at the church at 11:00 AM on July 12. This will be a celebration of life for Lucas, so please don’t feel obligated to dress in black.

In lieu of flowers, the family would like to request that people wishing to honor Lucas perform an act of kindness, or make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation ( in Lucas’ name.

Lucas Story
Posted June 1, 2012

Lucas is a 16 year old boy battling for his life for a second time. To us he is a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin and a dear friend who needs our help. He needs our love, prayers, and don't forget our blood. If you are like us, you keep asking yourself what can you possibly say or do to help. As if watching her beautiful son hurt isn’t tough enough, the mounting medical bills and everyday expenses are creating an enormous burden for his mom Christine. Please read Lucas' story; we hope it inspires you to pay it forward.

In May 2008 Lucas went to a doctor’s appointment to prepare for upcoming lacrosse try outs. He had been experiencing pain for a awhile and Christine thought it best to get it checked before it got worse. She knew Lucas wouldn't want to sit out and take it easy as she expected the doctor’s order to be. They were shocked when instead of getting news that he needed to rest he got news that there was a tumor on his bone. It was during this time he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma stage 2B. He endured many rounds of chemo to shrink the tumors for removal. In August that same year he had surgery for removal and reconstruction of his femur and knee. He was an inspiration to many for his courage and hard work to return to life as a normal teen boy (well as normal as possible, he is a teenager). Within a year he was back to a fully active lifestyle like nothing had happened. Over the next few years we watched him grow and become a great young man. Of course the growing didn't come without consequence as he periodically had to have his "bionic" leg lengthened with magnets and endure scans to check for cancer. Each scan was followed with a sigh of relief when it returned clear.

Fast forward to February 2012.
Lucas is now in high school and quickly outgrowing his leg and will need to have it replaced. This news is bitter sweet as most boys want to be tall but they can grow both of their legs without surgery. Unfortunately the scan in Feb showed a tumor in his lungs so instead of leg surgery he had to have a Lobectomy. The doctors found more than the one tumor expected but were able to remove them both. Once again Lucas was a brave young man and recovered amazingly. Of course this meant more chemo, regular scans and praying that this would be his last battle. However, within a short period of time the masses continued to take over his precious body. This cancer is aggressive and beyond anything a child should have to fight. A mother should not have to carry her teenager because he is too weak to walk, watch her son be in debilitating pain, or tell other children their simple desires can't be afforded. Brothers and sisters should not have to hear the painful days and nights their brother is enduring. This is a lot to handle never mind the mounting bills and time away from work.

Lucas is fighting with everything he has, he has people praying worldwide and he has the best support community there is but more is needed.

Please join us in giving this family Christine (mom) , Kaley (older sister), Evan & Cole (younger brothers) and Lucas relief of debt this monster known as cancer has caused!

God bless you and your family.
Eric Becker A.k.a Uncle Eric

This is the last Post from Christine Becker Anderson.

The most amazing Mother, Sister or Friend anyone could have.

Coming home...
posted by Christine Becker Anderson, Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 4:00 PM

My brave warrior son prepares for a peaceful existence.
Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.
And then…..
posted by Christine Anderson on Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Hello family and friends. The last week in May was a heartbreaker for us. Lucas was complaining of tremendous pain in his stomach. He received an abdominal ultrasound that showed that, despite the potency of the chemo he had received, the cancer continues to ravage his body. The cancer spread to several more organs and the tumor in his liver had more than doubled in size. The doctors had no further options for us and they sent us home under the care of Hospice of the Comforter.

It's an unbelievably difficult situation to say the sweet son will become our guardian angel in just weeks. I think I am facing every parent’s worst nightmare. I am trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. I am trying to be faithful in the midst of darkness. I am trying to be hopeful in a sea of doubt. I am trying to be graceful as my heart slowly shatters.

Memorial Day weekend and the following week our family and friends responded to this news with an overwhelming tidal wave of love. The Beckers and Johnsons drove down from North Carolina, Elizabeth flew in from Georgia, Maureen and Rosy arrived from upstate New York, Shannon and Amanda flew in from Texas and Angela drove over from Tampa. Needless to say, we had a house full of love! We had a constant flow of teens and parents, teachers and neighbors, priests, missionaries and nuns. Literally we had up to 30 - 40 people in the house every day, throughout the entire weekend. It was amazing and a testament to the many lives Lucas has touched.

The management at Siemens has been extremely understanding. They have offered me all the flexibility that I need for this current chapter in my life. My manager and my colleagues have taken on all of my work load, so I can focus on my family. Lucas wrote my manager, Melanie, a note thanking her for letting me be home with sweet. It's amazing how kind everyone has been. Our communications department and beyond are truly a family and I can't tell you how much I appreciate their love and support.

It was an unusual week because we were suffering and celebrating at the same time. I was determined to thoroughly celebrate Evan's 8th grade graduation from St Margaret Mary Catholic School and Kaley's 12th grade graduation from Winter Park High School. Our special guest, Aunt Myra arrived from Toronto to help us celebrate. Evan and I spent a magical night at the graduation dance at the Winter Park Farmer's Market, followed by the Baccalaureate breakfast where he received an award for creative writing and then the beautiful evening graduation mass and ceremony. These memorable activities were the culmination of years of love and guidance from an amazing group of teachers and staff, along with laughter and tears from the life long friendships that Evan has made. To honor Kaley and her 3 closest girlfriends (Emelia, Ashley and Giulia) we hosted a huge party at our house complete with disc jockey and inflatable water slide. We had over 100+ teenagers join in the festivities. I had a lot of help from many of my friends including Cathy, Kim, Deepa, Britton, Tamra, Michael, Mary, Susana, Yolanda and Maureen. Thanks for helping to create such a memorable night for Kaley. Kaley's graduating class consisted of almost 800 seniors. The ceremony was hosted at the University of Central Florida and was lovely. Aunt Myra and I were surprised how smoothy and quickly the ceremony went. Kaley was radiant throughout the day. She is really one in a million and I am so blessed to have her as my daughter. I know that she will continue to thrive at Florida State University. Thank you to all that sent cards and well wishes to the kids.

The days and nights for Lucas are long. We have had some unbelievable conversations...he keeps telling me that he's glad it's him that's sick and not one of of his brothers or sister, because he couldn't bear to see them go through this. He asked Fr Walsh to come give him the blessing of confession. Fr Walsh left here with tears in his eyes...he said the conversation that he had with Lucas made his whole career as a priest worthwhile...some very powerful stuff. Lucas and I talk about Heaven a lot and he wonders what that will be like for him. I always tell him that I believe Heaven is whatever he wants it to be. He's sad that he never got a chance to have children of his own. He's told me numerous times that he's always wanted to be a daddy. I told him I believe that God needs him up in Heaven to look after all the children up there who don't have their parents with them and that they will be his children. He keeps telling me not to be too sad because he won't be able to hug me from Heaven. I tell him the only way I can let him go is knowing that my mom is up there to love him. I try and convince him that he is the blessed one who gets to go to an amazingly beautiful, cancer free and pain free place before all of us. Many have told me that when he dies there will be a physical separation, but the spiritual connection will continue. I am struggling to accept this and to look at these last few weeks as a gift. My faith and your love sustain me....

As you can imagine, all of this has been extremely emotional for my dad. He has taken this news to heart and he is struggling. He has been in and out of the hospital recently. Thank God Marie is with him. She bears the brunt of his care. Please pray for strength for my dad and patience for Marie. I love them both so much.

The kindness and generosity of everyone continues to overwhelm us. I am still reeling from the donations from last month. My sweet niece, Bethany, posted an online fundraiser that raised over $3000 for Lucas' medical costs. My friends at Siemens continue to raise funds through an online shopping fundraiser that will happen throughout the month. Please check out the following link:

Thank you for your gifts. Please know that I will honor your generosity by "paying it forward" and by trying to instill a generous spirit into the hearts of my children. Your cards, letters, flowers, chocolate, cookies, popsicle makers, Tucker toys, posters, Pepto Bismol, smoothies, Kool Aid, poems, artwork, meals, visits, hugs, texts and emails mean the world to us. Thank you to my amazing friend Catriona Barbato for organizing all the help we have been receiving. She is truly a woman of Grace.

For those of you that would like to visit, please text me before you come. My cell is 321-230-7680. Our address is 720 London Rd Winter Park, F 32792. He has good days and bad days. Please don't text or visit too early in the morning. He tends to sleep the best between 4am - 10am...just like when he was a sweet baby boy.
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