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This is a heartbreaking story of a family who has gone through one thing after another and has yet to still remain strong and held together.

This is a heartbreaking story of a family who has gone through one thing after another and has yet to still remain strong and held together. Please take a minute and read their story. It all started November of 2008 when papa (Kenny) had a massive stroke at the age of 61 which left him unable to speak and totally paralyzed on his left side. His wife Debbie who we will refer to as nana, stood by his side and took care of him through it all. Not have any insurance as Papa was self-employed as a carpenter they were unable to go to rehab which left this task to be handled at home. After many months of not being able to work, Nana had to make the choice and turn Papa’s work truck into an ice cream truck so she would be able to look after her husband all while working the ice cream truck. The bills kept coming and piling up and yet they asked no one for help. In 2009 Nana’s dad was diagnosed with liver cancer and was only given 6 to 8 months to live. She then stepped in and took care of him as well. After 6 months of intensive pain he passed away and this was an extreme loss to nana and her family. If things couldn’t have gotten any worse her son was in a motorcycle accident which left him in ICU for a week and thankfully he walked away with just a broken femur but their son was not able to return to work which left nana and papa to help their son in any way they could find. Shortly after papa had another stroke and then another one. On 9/12/10 their daughter-in-law was in a car accident in which her truck rolled over and at the age of 27 became paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. Nana had to step in and become a fulltime caretaker for her two grandsons ages 5 and 6. Dylan age 5 is autistic and has many needs. Nana took all of this in with an open heart and took the boys into her home as her own. This created more people to be cared for but nana would not have it any other way. Their father has been incarcerated for 3 years and has not been able to care for his children. Fast forward a little and now nanas house is in foreclosure and the bills are endless. With help from disability checks and foodstamps this family is barely hanging on as nanas now is left taking care of everyone she can no longer work. When you think this story should finally end 2 more members of nanas family are lost. Her uncle Ted died in 2010 from cancer and most recently her grandmother who brought her up and raised nana as her own passed away April of 2012. As nana was devastated she still stood tall and hung on for everyone else. In 2011 papa had a cancer scare as enlarged lymp nodes were found in his lungs, thankfully after biopsy’s and lots of tests it was proven to not be cancer put a pulmonary disease called sarcoidosis. In the mix he was also diagnosed with diabetes and told he needed to have open heart surgery as main arteries in his heart were blocked. He had his surgery in july of 2012 and happy to say he made it through. Papa is still recovering from his heart surgery. Well this story has finally come to an end-Nana is tired and still not asking for help and feels like it is her family to take care of. As you can see nana has done all she can for her family and is a wonderful woman who always puts others first. At this time nana needs help for her family. Please find it in your hearts to help this family that has been through so much already and still remains strong with gods help and their ability to stay close. Holidays are upon us and it’s time for loving and giving. Please consider donating to help this family in needs during this time. Thank you and god bless.
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