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Welcome to the Lindsay Jones' GiveForward fundraiser page! Read her remarkable story below. (make sure you read her valentine from her dad)

Our Mission Lindsay Jones is a 24 year old young woman who suffered 3 strokes on January 16, 2011. As a result, she was comatose for 3 1/2 weeks. Doctors advised there was little chance of survival. Even if she did survive, her odds of recovery were slim to none. In spite of the circumstances, Lindsay was able to defy the odds. Not only did she survive, she's reached milestones that doctors did not believe possible. She is able to walk short distances with assistance. She's able to speak clearly and has no long term memory loss. She's even been able to enjoy her favorite hobby, photography, on occasion. Although Lindsay has come a long way, she still has a long road of recovery ahead of her. She's had extensive treatment with Baton Rouge Rehabilitation Hospital, Baton Rouge Neuromedical Center and Northoaks LINKS program in Hammond. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover all expenses, and after over a year and a half of hospital visits, therapy, medical treatment and medical equipment, we have incurred more bills than we can pay. Additionally, it's been recommended that Lindsay undergo hyperbaric treatment. This therapy runs at $100 per hour. Given our finanicial situation, this is not an option. She is also going to have perispinal injections from Dr. Mel Richardson in Florida. (for more information on this procedure, go to his website listed at the bottom of this page. It's a relatively new treatment for stroke victims) Although we have encountered many obstacles and it's become difficult to pay for additional treatment, we have not yet lost hope. We have truly seen the power of Jesus Christ in Lindsay's journey, and it's through Him that we remain strong and confident in her outcome. If you would like to be part of Lindsay's miracle, please spread the word about her medical fundraiser. Your contribution to her recovery would be greatly appreciated and an enormous blessing. Our family and friends would love to provide Lindsay with every possible opportunity to be fully rehabilitated. Lindsay's Story Lindsay came home to stay with her family for Christmas in 2010. Her family was concerned when Lindsay kept complaining about feeling sick. One Sunday in January, she was suffering from flu-like symptoms. Two weeks prior, Lindsay had been admitted at the Baton Rouge General with similar complaints. Doctors advised her that she was just suffering from anxiety. She was issued an anti-depressant prescription and sent home. She had taken her medication, yet her condition did not improve. She was achy but had no fever. Lindsay decided that although she didn’t feel well, she could wait until the following day to get medical treatment. In the meantime, she decided to try and rest. Her parents attempted to wake her up that Sunday evening, but Lindsay was unresponsive. An ambulance rushed her to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. She was admitted and evaluated by a neurosurgeon upon arrival. Lindsay’s condition was grim. One of the chaplains from the hospital met with her parents immediately upon their arrival. Doctors were finally able to determine that Lindsay had suffered 3 strokes. One stroke, determined to be about the size of a pinto bean, affected her brain stem. This controls basic bodily functions, the respiratory system, blood pressure and heartbeat. The other 2 strokes affected both sides of the cerebellum. This controls movement, posture and balance. She also suffered a bleed to her occipital, which caused severe double vision (which Lindsay still suffers from today, even after 4 eye surgeries and the assistance of 4 pairs of special "prism" glasses). In addition to these issues, Lindsay had lesions all over her brain. With all that she had suffered from, it was not expected that she would make it through the night. Lindsay baffled doctors, surprised her family and amazed her loved ones when she made it through the week on a respirator. By the end of the week, she began to become more responsive. She was pulling on her respirator tube and squeezing hands. This extended stay in ICU gave doctors an opportunity to diagnose her condition. Lindsay had endocarditis, an infection that affects the inner part of the heart. She was sent to the cardiology unit for further evaluation, leaving everybody optimistic that she might have a chance to recover. However, cardiologists dampened everybody’s spirits when they announced that Lindsay would likely die from pneumonia due to silent aspiration. Even though the odds were against her, Lindsay fought on. She was on an NG tube and then a feeding tube through the stomach to sustain her. Although she’d lived longer than expected, her situation was looking more gloomy every day. She weighed a mere 93 pounds. Doctors did not believe she would ever progress further than the state she was in then – comatose, and overall incapable of doing anything for herself. She had become septic. She was on 4 of the strongest antibiotics that are available for 9 weeks. IF she did wake up from her current state, it was recommended that she be institutionalized. Fortunately, doctors do not have the final authority on what will be the result of an injury or illness. God is the ultimate physician, and He had bigger plans for Lindsay. On February 10, 2011, Lindsay awoke from her coma. Family and loved ones raced to the hospital to see the miracle. Lindsay was able to greet her family, and was fortunate enough to receive the Valentine poems written for her from her father. (Please take the time to scroll to the bottom to read the valentine poems that her dad wrote). Now that Lindsay had proven she was strong enough to fight on, she had a tremendous uphill battle. She was confined to a wheelchair. She needed immediate intensive therapy. The endocarditis had eaten away her aortic heart valve, so she was in need of an artificial replacement. She was suffering from terrible double vision. She had her work cut out for her. After many months of hard work and diligent effort, Lindsay is no longer confined to a wheelchair. She is able to walk short distances while using a walker. She received her replacement heart valve and healed beautifully from her surgery. She’s undergone intense therapy at Our Lady of the Lake, Northoaks in Hammond, La., Baton Rouge Rehab and The Neuromedical Center, and she has had significant improvement in her condition. She still suffers from double vision, and is expected to have a couple more surgeries in the near future. Even though Lindsay has accomplished more than doctors ever thought possible, her story is not over yet. She continues to strive for full rehabilitation on a daily basis, and she is confident that she will be successful in reaching that goal. Lindsay’s Valentine Poems To MOM- Your Valentine From – DAD We've been through many ups and downs across the many years. The hills and valleys of emotions, the laughter and the tears. The good, the bad, the ins and outs, the highs and lows of life; But this year has to take the cake my dearest, darling wife. A few short weeks ago we felt that everything was lost; When a tempest in a teapot had become a tempest tossed. Our sweet “Love Baby Moonchild" had fallen very ill; With a nearly hopeless feeling, the Lord our hearts did fill. He gave us strength and faith in God that we could all endure; the trials and tribulations as the doctors sought a cure. And now the weeks have passed, our daughter's life is on the mend; With the prayers of many people the worst part soon will end. Thank the many friends and family who have given us support; Thank the doctors and the nurses who now give a good report. Thank the churches and their congregations, our spirits they do raise; But most of all we bow our heads and give the Lord our praise. Love, Dad To Lindsay J My Love Baby Moonchild, you're the apple of my eye. You're the best thing I created, and I'd like to tell you why. It's the sweetness deep within you and a spirit like no other. It's the way you love your dad, your mom, and your sister and your brother. The trials that you have gone through have been strenuous and long. One might think that you'd be fearful but I know that they'd be wrong. You're the bravest little Moonchild that there could ever be. Valentine's this year is sweeter because you're still right here with me. References for injections for strokes: References for Hyperbaric Treatments:

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