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The family and friends of Ginga are uniting to raise money to help her get the much needed surgery, and soon. Please show your support!

You're probably wondering who Ginga is?

October of last year a random guy asked us if we wanted his puppy. We thought he was joking, because the puppy was this gorgeous blue nose pit bull. But it turned out that this guy was actually serious, if he didn't find a home for her, he was going to take her to the pound. We knew we had no choice, we had to take this innocent puppy in, at least until we could find her a home. But this dog had such an amazing personality, interacted incredibly with our children, and was so loving and fun...that without us realizing it, she had already found her home.

About a month ago we noticed that she had a limp, then she started having difficulty getting up from laying down. Then she lost interest in food to the point that we had to hand feed her almost every day. The first Veterinarian told us it was the beginning stages of hip dysplasia so they gave her some sort of injection treatment, anti-inflammatory medication and put her on cage rest for 5 days. We saw a significant improvement after the 2nd day, and after the 5th day she was walking normal again and seemed more like herself.

But not even a week later she began holding her hind leg up and no longer bearing any weight on it. She stopped meeting us at the door when we arrived home from being out and would do nothing but lay around looking almost hopeless. So we sought out a different Veterinarian. They did x-rays and gave us the crushing news that she had torn her ACL and needs immediate surgery so not to damage her good leg.

After getting a second opinion and confirming that yes in fact her ACL is torn, but also we were informed that if the leg goes untreated it may have to be amputated and/or it would force her good leg to be damaged as well, causing her to lose her ability to use either of her hind legs, we knew time was of the essence.

Unfortunately we are in no position to pay for this type of surgery, so we are asking you to find it in your heart to donate something to help our puppy have this much needed surgery as soon as possible. Please, even if you think the amount you can afford is too small, every dollar counts.

Ginga is not just any dog, she is a special part of our family who is in dire need of your help. She has to be carried to the bathroom, she can no longer run let alone walk around playing like a normal 1 year old dog, and she is in serious pain.

Please help our "Support Ginga Fund," any donation that you can give is incredibly appreciated!

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