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This is The "Fighting for Faye"fund raiser account.The funds will be used to pay medical costs not covered by insurance and other expenses.

My husband and I have been blesses with 4 beautiful children. After our third child was born we were informed that due to my health issues we could not have anymore children. So when we found out about our miracle 4th pregnancy we were so excited! Faye Louise Weber was born October 27th 2010. A seemingly perfectly healthy baby girl, with 3 older siblings to adore her, life was grand! Until Faye developed some strange symptoms. She wasn't smiling, or meeting many of the social milestones expected for a baby of her age. She had developed a strange small lump under her rib cage that was thought to be a calcified cyst that we were told to observe. Faye seemed more and more lethargic in her interactions. On a Sunday night, I gave my perfect baby girl a bath, I washed her whole body, applied lotion, diapered her and dressed her in pajamas. The next morning, on Monday April 11, 2011, I went to change her diaper and dress her for the day. While changing her diaper I noticed a purple grape sized lump on her left labia. This was not there the night before and it scared me. I called her pediatrician who demanded she be seen at once. Within 5 minutes of the doctor examining Faye he called a suregeon. The surgeon suggested that Faye had a herniated ovary and would need emergency surgery to perform the repair. The surgery was to be minor, we were prepared to take her home with us that night. Things didn't go as planned. After a few hours of surgery, Faye's doctor pulled my husband and I aside to inform us that Faye did not have a hernia, but a tumor. She was being sent for scans to see how far the tumor had spread. We came to fine that Faye's whole abdomen was full of tumors, from her kidney's, liver and al the way through he pelvis. We were told this was cancer but more testing had to be done. Faye was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at 5 months of age. Within 36 hours of her diagnosis Faye was sent via air ambulance from her home in Anchorage Alaska to Portland Oregon. It was at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland where Faye received her first chemotherapy treatments. After a month in Portland we were able to bring Faye home to finish her treatments in Alaska. Faye had a central line placed in her chest to administer her treatments and to prevent her from having multiple injections. She received 8 cycles of intense treatments from April 2011 through December 2011. She was able to have a 6 month break from treatment until June 2012 when we found out that her tumors are growing again. Faye is now in chemotherapy 5 days a week and this will continue through December or longer if needed. Faye has medical coverage but it does not cover the cost of transportation to and from treatments, the cost of maintaining a home for a child with a compromised immune system and her special needs.So far our out of pocket expenses have reached over $50,000 dollars. A major concern for Faye's health is a leaking roof that is creating black mold, this can be deadly for Faye and needs to be replaced urgently. We have faith that Faye will make a full recovery but it's going to take years of treatments, monitoring and care. Her battle is nowhere near being over and we are relying on the goodness of others to help suoort Faye and our family in these hard times.
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