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Helping hands for the Dennis family fundraiser is raising money to help with Roger's battle with Hep C. Please show your support.

I have requested that Roger's wife Trish write their story so that everyone could hear their story from the Family who needs help. Below is their story.

Thank you for helping, the “Helping hands for the Dennis family fundraiser”. You will be helping the Dennis family as we strive to make my husband treatment and recovery as comfortable and stress free as possible. My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in November of 2011. The treatment for Hep C includes, in home injectable of Interferon-Pegasus (chemo). Which is an aggressive treatment that includes Ryboviran and Incevik. The injectable is once a week, while the other two medications are; two pills three times a day and the other are three pills twice a day. The treatment if it works may last 6 months to a year.
With all these medications comes a vast amount of side effects. That has made working as a mechanic impossible. After treatment started Roger tried to work. He missed the Monday after it started, but he forced himself to go into work on Tuesday. Roger normally works so quickly and efficiently, that he was able to complete numerous tasks during a 9 hour day. On that Tuesday he only completed one engine replacement that whole day. Which normally takes him 4 to 5 hours. The rashes, body aches and pains, fatigue, nausea, and fever; are more than he can stand in the Florida heat at an Open Bay Mechanic Shop. The side effects are better explained as “the flu on acid”. He may experience hair loss, memory loss, skin deterioration; and a vast array of others. The most worrisome is Suicide. He has been prescribed an anxiety medication that seems to have kept his fears, worries, and willingness to proceed in check.
Imagine waiting your whole life to meet the man of your dreams. Have what you believe to be a story book romance, love, and best friend. He takes you and your children's life to another level you have never experienced. Then be told by a Doctor (11 years later) that a treatment that, that person has to have, has a side effect of Suicide. That fear is worse than knowing they have a short life expectancy. A whole new level of fear, that the treatment he needs may alter his thought process.....
On top of all this Roger was Diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic, in June of 2006. He is insulin dependent, take's oral diabetic medications, High blood pressure meds, and a weak heart from being a Diabetic so long undiagnosed. Neuropathy of the feet. Both these diseases are fighting against each other. Both Disease processes dominate the body and the functions. The medical expenses are just continuing to add up.
Since it is more important for my husband to have a successful treatment and recovery. Our family of four has faced the need for Roger to stay at home thru this process. I will be working as much overtime as my body can handle; in emergency room at the hospital I work for.
My two children are teenagers and finding a way to understand the magnitude of all this is harder than what you think. Then trying to make sure I keep some level of normalcy is even harder. My husband has been the best father ever for them. He came into our lives when my daughter was 3 and my son was 22 months old. My son and Roger had an instant connection. My son has referred to my husband as “Daddy” within days after they met. My daughter was a little harder to reach; she wanted to make sure Roger was not going to come in and out of our lives. Once he proved his commitment to the three of us, my daughter has been hooked to his side. Roger has loved my children better than I could have ever asked for.
As a man who loves and lives for supporting his family. Who prides himself on making us happy. Making sure our surroundings are safe and secure. Not being able to give that to us right now, some days, are more than he can stand. We want to keep his mind at ease that it is our turn now to be his rock. Please help us give him this time for the best recovery ever. Please help us keep our rock.
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