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Sandy Faye (Lemmons) Griggs needs donations to help with more than $250,000.00 in medical expenses for a spine stimulator for pain relief.

Sandy Faye (Lemmons) Griggs, 52, is awaiting confirmation from her insurance for the implant of a spine stimulator. Sandy has experienced chronic back and leg pain since a doctor injected steriods in her tailbone area, resulting in severe nerve damage. She suffers from severe pain and constant and excruciating burning in her legs, back, neck and arms.

Sandy also suffers with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition. A patient with CRPS has pain as well as changes in blood flow, sweating, and swelling in the painful area. Sometimes the condition leads to changes in the skin, bones and other tissues. It may also become hard for a patient with CRPS to move the painful body part.

Sandy's hands, arms and legs are involved, but CRPS may affect any part of the body, such as the face or trunk. Her hands are becoming crippled, cracked and very sore and painful, which greatly limit her functional ability and employment prospects. In some patients, many different areas of the body are affected. CRPS can be progressive (meaning that it gets worse at one site or spreads to other sites), or it can stay the same for a long time.CRPS can develop after any type of injury to major nerves, called causalgia. The spine stimulator greatly reduces the pain and discomfort from this.

Physical therapy was not successful in treating the conditions. The continued use of pain medication provides limited relief. The quality of Sandy's life is greatly diminished due to her conditions. She has lost about 30 pounds, down to a size 2 or 4, in the last several months due to her deteriorating health. She has led an active life until recently.

A trial spine stimulator was tested on Sandy in mid-February 2011 for one week. The results were amazing and considered a huge success. She is hopeful that the insurance provider will approve the permanent placement of the device in early Spring of this year.

Sandy is a prime candidate for a spine stimulator as she is otherwise in excellent health. She is a vegetarian and does not drink caffeinated drinks. Sandy graduated from North Vermillion High School, near Cayuga, Indiana, in 1977 where she played basketball and other sports. She is an upbeat, energetic wife and mother. She and is the mother of a college student and a teenager in High School, who used to enjoy volunteering with school events, helping in her church's nursery, shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

In the fall of 2010 the pain became so debilitating that she had to quit her full-time job. She is barely able to cook and do basic cleaning in her home. Riding in a vehicle is extremely painful to her. Going to doctor appointments or out of town requires her to lay in the back seat due to the discomfort.

The spine stimulator is expected to cost more than $150,000.00. Another operation, a Laminectomy, will be performed at the same time, for another $75,000.00. Total cost for her surgeries is expected to be about $250,000.00. Even with insurance, the financial burden for Sandy and her husband will be tremendous. The on-going cost of pain medication and other necessary medicine has depleted their savings and retirement accounts.

They would greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how small, to offset some of the expenses they have incurred due to her condition. Unable to return to work, Sandy's household expenses also mount up. Please consider donating to my friend's cause. Thank you and may God Bless your generosity.
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