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My name is Temi Aladegbemi and I am 14 years old.

My siblings and I have started this gofundme for my mother. Our mom recently fell off the stairs in our home and broke her ankle and would be needing reconstructive surgery to correct the fracture on her ankle on August 5th, 2016. You see, my mother does not currently work and does not have or qualify for any medical benefits. The orthopedic surgeon that she is working with says his portion of the surgery is $4,900 and that she would require to pay upfront prior to the surgery. This does not include the charges for the use of the hospital facility and the anesthesiologist fee which is still unknown.

My mom is a loving and kind-hearted person who is always willing go out of her way to help people in need, and it has been unbearable for my siblings and I see her struggle in pain, unable to complete daily tasks, and struggling financially. I watch my 3 year old brother trying to figure out why mommy can not help him like she does on a daily basis. If my mom doesn’t find the necessary funds to pay for the surgery she would have to cancel the surgery.

Please help my siblings and I to raise money to see a smile on our mother’s face again

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