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Although Draek's inuries were describes as fatal, he has fought his way back. Unfortunately, the medical billls will be hard to beat.

On Wednesday, November 30th, me, my mom and little brother Nash were in a really bad car accident in Ogden, Utah. Luckily my mom and Nash weren't seriously hurt, other than cuts, bruises and Nash loosing one of his only two teeth, but the car that hit us hit right on my door. We were very lucky that my mom had buckled Nash and me in safely, because it crushed the side of the car in where I was sitting and hurt me pretty bad.

I know your prayers are helping and I was being watched over because of some things that happened right after the accident. My side of the car was smashed in so bad that my Mom and I were kind of stuck inside. She was able to climb out of her broken window, but I was really trapped in there and bleeding badly from my nose and mouth, making it hard to breath. Luckily, there were two nice men who saw the car wreck and came running to help us. My door couldn't be opened; it was crushed clear into the car, along with my car seat, which was crushed too. The guys knew they had to do something so they used all their strength and managed to pull a piece of the door off. When the ambulance got there after just 4-5 minutes, I was free and they took me right in my car seat into the ambulance.

I was then lifeflighted to Primary Kid's Center in Salt Lake city, where the Dr. told my mommy and daddy that my head injury was potentially fatal, and that during the next 72 hours, I could die at any moment.

The first few days here I was in a complete comma. They gave me medicine make me like that to help me stabilize and make my brain and body heal. I had lots of injuries, including a severed spleen, fractured pelvis and skull fracture, and they were very worried about my brain swelling and put a monitor inside it. Yesterday they said the swelling was down enough they could take it out and the started letting me wake up a little bit. Not too much, they will want me to be still and relaxed, but enough that I don't need as much medicine to make me as sleepy and I can start being more aware of my surroundings. I opened my eyes, and wanted to roll over on my tummy, but the tubes and things would come out if I moved that much, so they have my arms restrained to keep me safe. Today they rigged it up so I can lie on my side and I am much more comfy with my knees tucked up.

My Dad and Mom have been here with me the whole time. My dad drove all the way from Driggs, Idaho, where he was working, to come and be with me. He didn't even stop to get clothes, he was so worried he just got in his car and drove to me as fast as he could. My Great Grandpa Poulsen has been here with us during the day and my Grandma Dalene has been staying here until late at night. Nash has been staying at Grandma Terrie’s house. Everyone has been helping and doing what they can. All my other Grandma's and Grandpas and lots of aunts and uncles and my cousins have been here to see me too and let my Mom and Dad know how much they care about all of us. My family who lives too far away is calling every day to check on me and everyone is saying prayers for me to get better. Please keep 'em coming! I have a long way to go.
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