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Please help my mother get a new set of eyes to help her see again!

My mother's eyes are the bluest you could ever see. But lately, those eyes have become cloudy.

My mother has cataracts in both eyes, and will soon not be able to see out of them. She will need surgery soon to remove the cataracts. You would think this would be an open and shut case. She gets the surgery.. no big deal.

The problem is that insurance will not cover the cost, and the doctors in the area will not do it, unless she pays $7000 in FULL, up front. Plus the loss of wages while recovering and travel expenses.

My mother takes care of a mentally ill husband, and is the only one that can work to barely pay the bills. She does not qualify for any government assistance, and has been rejected multiple times when trying to get a loan.

If you could please spare anything to help pay for the cost of her surgery to get her eyes back, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for taking the time to read her story!
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