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This fundraiser is set up for never ending medical expenses for Maggie Reed.

Margaret Claire Reed was born on a beautiful August day on the 8th of 2006 .

Both my dh and I were VERY unaware of what was to lie ahead for us when Maggie was born . Even with weekly sonograms after 27 weeks because they had found a two vesseled cord and what they thought were three small cysts on her right kidney

Maggi​e was my only c-section baby weighing in at 8lbs even . Right after she was born the nurse from the NICU that checked her over came over with her and handed her to my husband . The nurse said , "Well we found a few things " and I was thinking " What ! " She showed us Maggie's missing right thumb and I began to cry ,, but at the same time thought , she'll adapt ,, we have Shriners here . But when she showed us that she had a missing anus both my husband's and I world began to just whirl . We had a neonatologi​st in telling us all these things they were looking for and both of us were just overwhelmed.​
Maggie was taken to Pittsburgh shortly after she was born which was 2 1/2 hrs away and my husband had to go along with her as well . So there I was healing from major surgery and without my baby . On day two Maggie had her pull through surgery and I was able to get to the hosptial shortly after her surgery was done . At that time we still didn't know what was going on with Maggie . So we went home thinking she was "fixed" and all would be well .

Not so , at 4 months old she became severely dehydrated and didn't gain weight or grow. Here we find out later that she has kidney and urological problems that either weren't picked up at the hosptial or was caused by her surgery. As of now ( March 2006 ) we aren't sure what is going on with Maggie's kidney and urinary area ( update June 2007 ) we have found out her kidney urological issues are from having a tethered cord that also was not diagnosed properly at birth . So right now she is on amoxicillin once a day for a prophylacti​c . Maggie also gets constant ear infections as well . As soon as one clears up shortly after another one comes . She also has difficulty sucking and swallowing and as of right now I'm not sure why either .

VACTERL stands for - vertebral , anal , cardiac , tracheoesop​hageal fistula , eosophageal atresia , renal and limb,

Maggie was born with the

V- fused vertebra, in cervical area, hemivertebra, tethered spinal cord, syringomyelia

A-low imperforate anus with rectovestibular fistula, repaired at 2 days old, partial dulplicated colon( double colon)

C-5mm ASD

R- right kidney lost function to due to severe reflux(will have to be taken out at some point), left kidney grade 1/2 reflux, neurogenic bladder, left ureter ends at bladderneck, low capacity bladder ,having to catheterize every 3 to 4 hrs.

L- missing right thumb, radial hypoplasia, left hypoplastic thumb

Maggie also has multiple food allergies and gastric reflux.

She is on several medications for her bladder , we have to do daily enemas due to hypermotility, and has had multiple surgeries and procedures done since birth. She will be 4yrs old in about three weeks and still has surgeries ahead of her for her renal/urological conditions.

We appreciate anything that is donated to us. Maggie will be looking at some major surgeries in the following months and years. Such as :

Nephrectomy, Bladder reconstruction, Malone, Mitrofanoff , Ureter Reimplantation

Our insurance covers some of the cost. But there is much more that it doesn't cover. So every little bit helps.

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