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The Alfred Baer Memorial Fund, the funds will be used to place a tombstone on the indistiguishable dirt patch where Alfred Baer lays to rest

Trying to raise money for a headstone to put on my grandfather's grave. His burial spot lays empty as a plain, indistinguishable patch of dirt. This man has done great things, not only for our country but for people all around the world as well, and he deserves far better then this. At the time of his death, his son was left with a large sum of money, but his son never felt it necessary to purchase anything to put on his grave. At the time, my mother (Alfred's daughter) was going through a rough financial situation(and still is), which inevitably ended with her losing her home. I can't say for sure whether his son had a reason or not, but it still doesn't resolve the issue. Which is why today I ask that anyone who knew him, friend or family, anyone who he's helped over the years or even people who didn't know him that are inspired to honor the most passionate, generous, kind-hearted souls that I've ever know, to contribute as much as they can spare to give this man an honorable grave sight. Thank you and God bless.

Late of Lynn, formerly of Chelsea and Revere, MA
Career: Law Enforcement Officer (Sergeant), Revere, MA, & World Tour Guide, Pursuit: An Operation Israeli Advocate, Israeli Gulf War
Died: Saturday, May 22, 2005, Lynn, MA

Recollection by Steve Ellis: He was a gifted healer, whose practice was spontaneous and natural. A tingling sensation would flow through his arms and hands and he would direct the flow of energy by touch. The effect produced a perceptible shock similar to electricity. My wife can attest to that when she reached out to him for healing and touched his hand, sending a current so strong it made her pull back, as if she were touching a live wire. He wrote many sayings and poems and drew small sketches via imagination. He always had a smile. I remember him saying, I have been able to heal others, but can't heal myself by my own gift. He fought cancer for years, but told me that although he had won many battles, he had not yet won the war. Several weeks before he passed away, he had a premonition that he was not going to pull through, so just in case, he placed a small gift into my hand, as he said goodbye to me for the last time at church. The gift imparted a message of lasting value, one that Al wanted me to always remember. I keep that locked in my heart.

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