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Gretchen's 50th Birthday Wish!!

On January 23, 2012 I will be turning 50! Years of fightng cancer I NEVER actually thought I would be celebrating this birthday! I am however feeling overwelmingly blessed and very excited to be!!!. In 1981 at 19 I was told I had a 1 in 5 chance of surviving a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit on the protective covering of my brain. Doctors informed my parents that the chances of complete survival were slim to none. A stroke or blindness were almost certain, after a 24 plus hour surgery and an induced medical coma 10 days later I woke to find I was the 1%...I survived and was told by my team of doctors/surgeons I will live to a ripe old age!!! Since 1981 I again found myself fighting for my life 37 a dx of thyroid cancer with complications from Crohns disease made the fight harder then I could ever imagine, BUT again, I am proud to say I fought and won and am currently in remission. At 47 I was AGAIN dx with cancer. Breast cancer had invaded my body... again I was in for the fight for my life. After chemo and mastectomy I am proud to say I am again in remission. I am so very humbled and blessed. I believe I am only as strong as those who have held me up through my fight..
I did NOT fight alone, I had many friends and a strong family who were just as important to my fight as I was. One of those friends was John Kark! John lived across the street from me for 24 years and he too had been fighting cancer and a blood disease. We fought together and had many converstations regarding life, cancer and the fight! Unfortunatly Johns battle ended in April 2010 John won his fight against Leukemia but due to complications the GVHD was unable to be treated and John passed away on April 10, 2010.
So for this birthday, I am requesting that my friends and family donate to John Kark cancer Fight Club. John taught me the importance of a positive attitude, that it doesn't take much to make a difference and to never stop fighting. John's will to live, passion for helping others battling cancer and our love for him are a few of the many reasons why I proudly continue John's fight.
So this birthday I celebrate my life!!!!!!! ... I am asking you to celebrate with me by making a donations that will go to John Kark cancer Fight Club...."There is always something worth fighting for"

Thank you !!!... you have been in my corner for a long time a long fight you have held me up believed in me and made me believe that I could do anything!! I am forever grateful!

Today I have a beautiful new grandbaby Jayden.. who I look at and thank God everyday that He has blessed me with so many miracles a family and a support group unlike any other!
I love you!
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