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Money will be used to assist in the needs of displaced peoples from Syria

I am not quite certain on how to start this, so I am just going to start typing. I realize that I have not been in communication with most of you for the last couple of years and you may find this message too bold, but I have to put it out there anyway. In the end, I am asking you all for help. I am going to ask you for money, I am going to ask you for prayers, I am going to ask you for guidance, and I am going to ask you for any and all resources you can pool. I realize that you are all bombarded on a daily basis by each other and our various causes and are all stretched very thin. I know you all care enough to have raised money for helping the people of the Congo, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, you raise money for your local schools and charities and most of you have given what you had to a homeless person. I only hope that you all take the time to read this plea from your friend, as I am desperate to help my family in their time of need. I am calling them family because for all intensive purposes, they are.

All of you are aware of the current war in Syria. You know that hundreds of people are being slaughtered every day, you have heard the horrors of the prisons, you’ve seen a censored version of the brutality, and you’ve heard the gunfire. You’ve heard that there are over 200,000 refugees fleeing their homes only to find even more hardship in the refugee camps. As of today, nearly 10,000 people are stuck at the Turkish border, 208 people were killed last Thursday alone, and hundreds of thousands are missing. Hundreds of thousands of mothers are looking for their children, often times only to find them in pieces. Relatives are forced to fight against each other as families are torn apart by their respective duties.

There is a family whom I’ve grown very close to over the last two years who is in desperate need of help. A few weeks ago, I was talking to one brother as he was sitting on his porch, watching blocks of homes crumble into dust. “There is war everywhere, they’re killing everyone!” He told me about the blood of his neighbors staining the streets, and that he’d seen the Devil himself. I tried to offer him some kind of comfort. I told him that God was with him and he was not alone, but I could hear the shelling and the screams in the background. He told me he’d gotten used to it and that they were all still safe. I tried to distract him with calming images and words, and it seemed to work for a moment. I wanted to reach though the computer to hold him, to somehow take his suffering away from him, but knew there was no way.

The family has all been separated and some members have more resources available than others. Communication is almost impossible at this time. Last I heard, “everyone was alive” on Saturday and they were all planning on getting out. I’ve tried countless times to reach someone, but have had no luck. I only pray that they are part of the thousands that crossed the border. I am praying that I cannot reach them because they have safely reached their destination.

I am writing this because I can no longer sit idly by as they are suffering. I can’t keep reading the headlines, watching the videos, and keep searching though names of identified bodies without doing something to try and help.These people are my family and I need them to be OK. I tried to build a home out of a house of cards; it was all I had. They have all become a part of me that I keep in the deepest part of my heart. I apologize if I offend anyone by saying that right now, their well-being is all I care about.

I am hoping to get a life sign that they have all safely arrived at their destination. From that point, I know where to go, I know what to do, and what is needed. Since the refugee camps are full at this time, there are apartments a little bit more north of the border. Each one is very small and rents for about $225 a month. Several will be needed. My goal is to ensure that they all have a place to go and food to eat until they can figure out their next move together. If they’ve made it, they’ve walked through Hell and need whatever comforts can be supplied. They’ll need medical attention, transportation costs, food, rent, and all those basic things covered for some time. You can donate money to the refugee camps, but if you help me help this family, you will know for certain where your efforts are going. You will be able to directly see results though me, if you can trust me.

If they do not make it, I will still help those I can as if they were my family...

Those of you who have ever had the misfortune of working with or around me, know that I am an obsessive-compulsive control freak. You know that when something is important, I make sure it gets done and done right. I make sure that I have the right people around me, I get the best advice, and find the best resources to make something work. You know that if your family were in trouble, you could call upon me for help. You know I’m the kind of friend you can call to break you out of a Mexican jail at 4 am, if I’m not in the cell next door.Some of you are aware of the extreme length I will go to to help one of my own. They mean everything to me and I will do whatever it takes to help them. Right now I need you to help me, your friend. I am begging you to help them. I need any bit of cash I can muster up. If you don’t have any to spare, then I hope that you will at least pass along the donation button below. I hope that you will go to your Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues and ask your communities to pray for the people of Syria.
If you have any connections to anyone who could be helpful to me, I hope that you will let me know.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. I do sincerely apologize for the rambling and incoherence, but I hope my message got across. If nothing else, I hope it has helped humanize the headlines about the “Syrian Crisis.” I hope that you think of their struggles and pray from your hearts and take what extra time or effort you can to help in any way you can.

With love and hope,

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