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The family of Chuck Corcoran is trying to raise money or his unplanned cancer treatment surgery bills. Please help us and build awareness!

Well, Its July and we are still working through things. We continue to keep a positive outlook and hope to god something good will come out of all of this.

How can something so good turn your life upside down? My dad, Chuck is 59 years old and three years ago we started to hear about some appts he was going to. Later to find out, cause I will never forget the day he called and said he was going to be tested further for prostate cancer. His numbers continued to increase and so was his insurance. My dad owns his own business so he doesn't have the option of a company plan.

In 2011, we started going with him to the Mayo clinic. His insurance company said he was covered to go there so we continued on the path. Why not go if they approve you? I was also pregnant with my first child so all this was very stressful. In November of 2011,he had robotic prostate surgery to remove the whole prostate and remove the cancer.
The surgery was a success and we thought it would end there...

In April 2012 my dad started getting some explanation of statements from his insurance company with money he owed. He had just paid for his $5,000 annual deductible and that was hard enough. Now he was getting statements that kept indicating he was out of network. I don't think I have ever heard him so worried about this balance of $35,000. Talks included him selling anything and everything he owned to pay this bill.. On top of all that they require you to pay 10% of your total bill each month. How can he pay $3500.00 per month when he doesn't even come close to making that kind of money? I have been researching anything, anyplace that could just help us with a portion of this expense.

I don't know how insurance companies can take a surgery like this and tell you it's out of network when they said it was originally covered. Plus not everyone is able to look things up on computers

My dad is my best friend and I can't stand to see him like this. It's not fair. He is an outstanding father and just became a grandfather. He can't even enjoy this time in his life. I don't feel right asking for donantions but I am out of options. We love our dad and need to help take some of the Burden off of him. A small business owner cannot afford this. If only payments were manageable...

I will keep praying Thank you for your time and reading our request. With 35K looking at us, anything can help. I think the biggest worry is just not being able to pay each month but we are going to stay positive and get through this with the help and prayers from everyone.

Again, we can't thank you enough for just taking the time to read our story

Sincerely. Stephanie-daughter of Chuck, Zachary-son of Chuck, Chad, Son-in-Law of Chuck & Parker- 5 month old Grandson of Chuck and we can't forget Abby- Chuck's Black Lab!
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