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Finn Alderson's mom needs our $upport after Finn suffered a bad burn. Give what you can to support her while she nurses him back to health.

>> UPDATE FROM VEERLE 11/15/11: Finn is continuing to heal. Surgery has been postponed for another week or maybe even, indefinitely. At his checkup last week the word was, he is healing well, but too slowly. He needs to eat ,eat , eat....meat, eggs and cheese ! We now know recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns  is a long process and takes time and patience. Daily cleanings continue. Finn is in school every day which is fine since his "ouchies" are well padded and protected. Sometimes it is difficult since he is tired from not getting enough rest. He can't sleep at night from pain and uncontrollable itching! I am SO grateful for your help as I am unable to find work. You are all a blessing to my family.<< As you might or not have heard, Finn got burned Saturday, October 22, right after the Halloween festival. He was at this grandma's house where they were celebrating his aunt's birthday. Lit candles and snacks were on a low setting coffee table. Finn leaned over to take a snack and his T-shirt caught on fire. At first, he didn't realize it and ran outside to escape the "hot feeling"on his back. He then started screaming and his dad saw a ball of fire on Finn's shirt. He patted it out with his hands and rushed him over to the ER. Veerle was not there. Since then, Finn has been to the ER twice that weekend and finally FInn was brought by ambulance to the USC burn-unit on Sunday where he stayed the rest of the week. He has second and third degrees burn on his back and tummy. Daily cleanings are horrendous with a lot of screaming, poor baby. He DID love the play room and the toy room! Now Finn is back in school and feeling a little better. Still the news during his last check up is that he is most likely headed for surgery. Burn wounds take a very long time to heal and the whole process is very extensive. So talk to your child about being vigilant around fire. Finn is covered around his mid section like a mummy and needs daily cleanings A side effect is itching, itching, itching! All day and night long, nobody sleeps! Veerle Govaerts, Finn Alderson's (and Nils') mom needs our emotional and monetary support. Give what you can so we can help her cover her bills while she nurses Finn back to health. Send healing vibes to Finn. >> No donation is too small and can be given via paypal and can be anonymous<<
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