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Thank you!!On June 29, 2010 Matthew Leone (bassist for Madina Lake) was walking from his twin brother's apartment in Chicago when he witnessed a man beating his wife. The brave person he is, Matthew stepped in to save the woman. As he was calling 911 the man jumped him from behind and beat him, leaving him unconscious on the sidewalk. Thankfully, he was found and taken to the hospital. His twin brother posted the following on their blog"Madina Swan".

"Suffering a massive shock …

i’m afraid I have some of the worst news that has ever hit our lives. It’s almost impossible to even type this update. A few nights ago, Matthew walked from my apt. a block and a half down the street to meet a friend for a drink. half way there he saw a man severely beating his wife. Being the most amazing, strong, heroic and incredible person I know.. even though the guy was twice his size, Matthew intervened. He managed to subdue this guy for a second and since his wife was beat up pretty good called the cops.. as he did so the guy jumped him from behind and beat him. This guy did things I can’t even type. After words, he and his beaten wife left Matthew unconscious on the street. Matthew is in the hospital with a third of his skull removed as we wait for the swelling in his brain to go down. I’d rather not share any additional information at this time besides the fact that he acted as a hero (as he always would in any of these situations) and is paying a horrific price. Please send all your love and good energy and vibrations to him. I’ve been and will be next to him throughout the entire recovery process. We don’t know enough yet details about how that will develop.. but it has shocked, stunned, disgusted our best friends, family and band (which are both). The world can be evil beyond belief and as much as we want this evil eliminated, right now our hearts heads and energies need to go to my best friend, soul mate, hero, and angel, Matthew. Love you all and will be in touch as soon as I can muster up the emotional energy to reach out again. Please, be safe and peaceful as we get through this impossible time.


I created the Facebook group "Pray for Matthew Leone of Madina Lake" shortly after reading this blog post. Madina Lake has been my outright favorite band ever since I first heard of them in early 2007. I've seen the band 4 times, and met them each time. Matthew, Nathan, Dan & Mateo are amazing people. They truly care about their fans, and will go out of their way to help people.

The first time I saw them play at Projekt Revolution in 2007, Nathan stage dived and hit my camera that was hanging around my wrist, breaking it. I had a good laugh joking with them about that at their merch table after that. The second time I saw them was at Warped Tour '08. I had backstage passes, and was on stage for their set, which was absolutely amazing. Later on that night, I was backstage at the Warped BBQ when I had a good 15 minute conversation with Matthew and Dan, I'm sure after a long day of playing all they wanted was to go get in line for food. But they're just like that, doing anything to make the fans happy. When I saw the guys in my hometown May of '09 they stayed after the show signing things and meeting fans, until security actually had to kick everyone out of the venue, and even then, they came too! At Warped Tour '09 I saw them again, and they were all amazing to the fans once more. We all had a good laugh over the shirt I was getting signed by them for the fourth time.
I'm starting this fund to give back to Matthew for everything he and the band have given the fans. Matthew has proved he is a true hero by intervening in this, and is unfortunately having to pay a horrible price. All money donated here is going directly to Matthew to help with his medical expenses.

Thank you in advance for your donation! It is amazing how so many of Madina Lake's fans have come together to help them.

Thank you,

Christina Hartless

Creator of 'Pray for Matthew Leone of Madina Lake" group on Facebook

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