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This is the Joe Gibson Double Lung Transplant Fund. For the unforeseen cost of medical expense related that are not covered by insurance

Hello everybody,

My name is Joseph Gibson. Most people call me Joe, and that is what I usually go by. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in a rather large family – 12 children to be exact. I was the fifth child, second son. There were six girls, and six boys, so to say the least, there are many, many memories. I will name all of my brothers and sisters for you, so try to stay with me on this one. There were Jim, June, Jean, Joan, Joe, Jerry, Jeff, Julie, Jenny, Joyce, John, and Paul. Why the Paul you ask? Mother knew that this would be her last child, because the doctor told her so, and she always wanted a Paul, or a Paulette. Being as it was a son, he was Paul. The family joke is, “P” for period…end of babies.

I was married with my first wife in 1970, and we had an apartment right above the local dry-cleaners. We lived there for a little over two years, and at that time we had no idea how bad those chemicals they used were for your health. I worked the second shift, and I worked 6 days a week, 10 hours a day. When I got home, I had something to eat and then went to bed. I remember waking up at times, feeling like I was floating in a vat of those chemicals. I really did not think a whole lot about it back then. How naïve we are when we are young. My wife, at that time, has the same condition as I do, but worse because she was home most of the time. It is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Therefore, I think the common denominator is the dry cleaning chemicals that we inhaled in the few years that we lived there. She also is waiting for a double lung transplant. (However, that is a different story.)

As time went by, I started to write music and songs. Back in 2006, I had finally recorded nine of my songs. It was 40 plus hours in the recording studio in Boise, Idaho. I have always loved music, and always had a talent for putting things together; it is something that runs in the family. The first CD is named “What Color is the Wind”. I have enough music to do two more CD's, but I do not have the lungs to sing anymore. The style of my music is folk, or folk rock. I think it is more folk rock than folk, but it is all in the person’s perception.

At this time I am on the transplant list waiting for a donor. I must say this, every time the phone rings, I get butterflies in my stomach.

I need donations to help offset the unforeseen bills that come up from something like this – gas, food, and lodging for a month after the operation. I need to live in Seattle for a least a month afterward, so if anything goes wrong I will be close by the hospital (medication adjustment or rejection). Any thing can go wrong for a while, until they get my medication all dialed in correctly. Then it will be home sweet home again, with my new life.

Again, my name is Joe Gibson, and my wife Vicki and I are asking for help from people that can… help with donations and moral support. I have never been one to ask for help, but I have never had to face anything quite like this before in my life. While it is not easy for me to ask for help, I am in the fight of my life. I hope and pray that you can find it in your heart to help us, in any way you can.

Thank you all, and God Bless
Joe Gibson
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