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Please show Cecilia your support by donating today! Due to her massive weight loss, she now faces reconstructive surgery to correct her body

Cecilia's journey started a very long time ago. She's battled with her weight for most of her life. She fought for every pound lost, every inch gone. It was a horrid game of tug of war. Thankfully, due to medical intervention, she was finally able to take control and lost a total of 140 pounds. While attaining a healthier weight, her body went through some pretty huge changes.

While she worked to lose the weight, her body seemed to shrink, mostly. Her skin and some underlying tissue did not. The elasticity just wasn't there after her decade and a half fight with obesity. No amount of exercising can correct her skin's laxity.

Imagine fighting that fight for so long and be so close to goal only to have to fight a whole new set of problems.

So now she's almost to her "medically recommended" weight and by doing so, she's kept other diseases at bay... yet she now faces totally different issues. Not just self image issues, but other medical conditions. She suffers from frequent rashes from skin rubbing together, embarrassing infections because of the lack of air flow in between the folds of her skin. Pain and discomfort from friction burns and sudden almost random pinching of her lax skin while moving.

She's been told by doctors to "just rub this cream on this part", "stand and hold your skin this way", "take this pill", "you're just going to have to deal with it" and finally "reconstructive surgery can fix these issues."

Music to your ears right? Maybe. When a woman fights against breast cancer and loses a breast, her reconstructive surgery is usually covered by insurance. Cecilia's disease of obesity robbed her of normal skin, yet these surgeries are almost impossible to get through the insurance company. To correct these issues, she faces multiple reconstructive surgeries, most of which, will not be covered by insurance. She's looking at thousands of dollars in medical bills in order to live a normal life.

She is NOT looking for what is called a "Mommy make over", that is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the muscles in the abdomen and uses liposuction to sculpt areas where there are stubborn fat deposits and good skin tone with elasticity. The procedures she's facing will only remove the excess skin to allow for a normal life without the rashes, infections or friction burns.
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