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I am a 31 y/o male with no children. My wife is a 35 y/o and we have been trying to conceive for a while and have been unsuccessful.

My name is James Mills I am a 31 year old man without any children, my wife and I have been married for 4 years and we have been trying so hard to conceive and have been unsuccessful. It hurts my heart that I can not afford to give my wife the 3 cycles of In-Vetro Fertilization that is 10,000 a cycle which is 30,000. My wife and I look at other people close to us give birth, although we are happy for them, we are initially saddened that we have tried and we have continued to be unsuccessful. I have insurance for myself and my wife but the insurance companies says that we only have coverage for treatment and not the actual procedure. We have visited an infertility specialist who tells us that IVF is the only way and that we should at least consider 3 tries. Some doctors won't even perform the procedure unless you pay for the 3 cycles up front. My wife was just diagnosed with PCOS and put on medication for that, which the specialist says it helps with the infertility. My wife has been tormented by dreams of a baby that we were blessed with, only to wake up to the reality that we still do not have a child to give all the love that we have inside of us. My wife wakes up crying from dreaming about a child that I know we will one day soon be blessed with. It hurts me so as man and a husband I want a child of my own to raise, love, and teach the right things to. We are short of $15,000 but we are very positively optimistic that if we raise $10,000 God will bless us with the other $5000 some way or somehow. Pleas help us to make our dream of being devoted, and loving parents who are married and love each other so dearly.
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