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My dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is terrified. Without health insurance, this is going to be a tough road. Intro: you.

The cancer has spread throughout his prostate and he has been given options of radiation, surgery, or doing nothing. As his daughter, I am obviously scared out of my mind. He's my dad. He's been my support, my rock, and one of my very best friends for my entire life. He has always taken care of me, and now this is my turn. I have to help him. He is one of the strongest people I have ever known and he has given everything to my siblings and I.

Being a substitute teacher, he does not currently have health insurance; making this feel all the more like a battle that he cannot win and an overwhelming death sentence. I refuse to believe this. My parents have been divorced for about 5 years and my dad has been working his butt off to help me to graduate college, and now help provide for my younger brother. He is so selfless and has left next to nothing, financially, for himself.

I've spoken with a friend and mentor, who told me about his surgery after his prostate cancer diagnosis, and he is now cancer free. The doctor that performed his surgery in Dallas is one of the best in the world, and that is what I need to help my dad get. The best, so that he can be around to see his grandkids. And I need him. I need him to beat this. I've found a cancer support group for him to try near his home.

But the biggest thing right now is how much this is going to cost. I estimate about $10,000 to really help with the bulk of his medical bills. I know that he will be out of commission work wise for awhile, due to all the doctor visits and then the recovery time after surgery. That's where the rest of the money I'm trying to raise will come in. To help him with daily expenses while he gets healthy. He also has to have a colonoscopy to determine if he also has colon cancer (God, I hope not), and a bone scan to see if it has spread to his bones or lymph nodes.

While any money you can donate is invaluable, we also need your prayers. He thinks that there are few people that actually love and care about him, and I need this to prove to him otherwise and just surround him with as much love and support as possible. I need to help restore his drive to beat this and his hope. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting my dad, let me tell you a bit about him.

His motto is always: we will make it work. We may not have had money, but he would always figure it out. He sold his wedding ring in order to buy my textbooks for college. He has always gone without so that his kids didn't have to. He has always been one to brighten anyone's day. His smile and optimism has been such a push to pursue my dreams. He loves with everything that he is, and I need your help to rekindle that fire in him. My dad does not know that I'm doing this. He would try to talk me out of it and not want to burden others with his problems. But, he needs you. All of you, to help him know that he is loved and that he can, in fact, kick cancer in the face.

Anything you can donate would be so so so appreciated. I know that God will help us through this. Thank you for your support; It means the world to me.

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