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The family and friends of Aidan are uniting to raise money to help get Aidan an Ipad to help him find his voice. Please show your support!

I want to tell you about my son Aidan. He is a five year old boy with the biggest, most beautiful smile I've ever seen and the sound of his laugh makes your heart melt. Aidan has Autism. Diagnosed at two years old, my son has never spoke. Finding out he had Autism was the hardest day of my life. I knew from that moment on that things would be different for him, that the hopes and dreams I had for him would either have to change or be completely forgotten. We do all that we can for our son, from living on one income so that he is able to attend every single therapy session, to sacrificing wants and downtime so that we can afford his therapies, travel expenses, and therapeutic items/devices, and postponing finishing college because we have to make sure the next doctor's appointment is paid for. It is hard, and every single one of us has made sacrifices, including little brother, but this is for my Aidan, who we know that one day will look at us say, "thank you mommy, daddy, and Jojo, for all that you have done for me." I look forward to that day, until then we will have to keep on doing what we're doing.

Aidan has been working with using the PECS (picture exchange communication system) to communicate with us. He has caught on rather quickly, although he still needs a lot of assistance. Right now, he uses actual picture cards at home and at school, but in speech therapy he uses the iPad with downloaded apps geared towards those with special needs. These apps use pictures with speech to help him to communicate more efficiently. They are amazing and although Aidan's sensory and motor issues prevent him from actually touching the Ipad (he uses a stylus) he is communicating with us. Our goal for quite some time has been to purchase an Ipad for Aidan but the costs of my son's therapies and other related expenses prevent us from keeping his "iPad fund" up. We thought that since Aidan has wonderful and amazing people that love him and would support him if and whenever they could and we are calling upon you guys for your help and support. The iPad has given our son a voice and even though he hasn't perfected it yet, to see him point and click for what he wants is such an amazing thing to watch and experience. The iPad has given Aidan a voice.

We do any and everything to support our son, but we need help with getting him the iPad. We love you all and if by any chance we exceed our goal amount we will donate the difference to an Autism charity or another fundraiser.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you,
Tiffany (mom)
Alonzo (dad)
Josiah (baby brother)
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