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The family and friends of Jimmie Corrieri are uniting to raise money to help with the cost of medical bills and treatment. Thank You!

It has been an extremely tough time for Jimmie, we have nearly lost him more than once. But if he is anything, he is a fighter. And an amazing father to Jacomo and Abraham. Please help Jimmie continue the fight. This much needed assistance will help alleviate the financial stress and allow us the needed energy to focus on getting healthy and back on our feet. With your loving and generous support, we can get there.


September 2010: Diagnosed with cirrhosis of liver disease without health insurance.

December 25, 2010: Paracentesis (catheter tap of abdomen) procedure to remove 8 liters of fluid due to ascites (fluid in abdomen). Admitted to hospital for 4 days and prescribed: Aldactone and two other drugs to address fluid retention.

January 4, 2011: Endoscopy procedure (examination of throat) determined revealed 2, stage 2 (of 3) esophageal varicies (blood blisters in throat.)

January 31, 2011: Eligible for Social Security Disability income, effective August 2011.

January through March 2011: Paracentesis procedures every 2 weeks to remove between 6-10 liters of fluid at a time.

April 2011: Filed for bankruptcy due to over $100,000 in medical bills. Began receiving Medicaid and food stamps.

September 2011: Ineligible for Medicaid and food stamps aid as I began receiving SSDI. Instructed to pay back food stamps for August.

October 2011: Stopped taking prescriptions meds due to lack of funds.

November 2011: Ascites returns. Paracentesis procedure performed weekly.

December 2011: Eligible for Medicaid Share of Costs. If medical treatments exceed $3,100 all costs are 100% covered by Medicaid. Anything less and patient is responsible for cost.

December 18, 2011: EMS trip to ER with liver, kidney, lungs and heart failure. Went in to cardiac arrest, received defibrillation 3 times and went into coma.

December 18 – December 31: Remained in coma in ICU.

January 1 – February 4, 2012: Recovery in 5 West wing, St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

February 1: Dialysis required.

February 5, 2012: Discharged.At home physical therapy begins.

March 15, 2012: Paracentesis procedure.

February – April: Dialysis treatments three times a week, 6 hours a day.

April 2012: Evaluated 2 days a week at Mayo clinic. Liver transplant denied.

May 2012: Removed from dialysis. May 5, 2012

Paracentesis procedure June 1, 2012

Paracentesis procedure June 14, 2012

June 18, 2012: Esophageal varicies rupture. EMS to ER. Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) procedure performed in which a shunt is placed between the portal and  hepactic points. 1 Liter of blood removed.

June 19 – July 3: Recovery in 4 West wing, St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

August 3, 2012: ER trip due to extreme abdominal pain. Large belly button hernia, due to constant fluid retention, has trapped section of intestine. Emergency surgery performed to remove lodged intestine. Belly button and surrounding area stapled.

Medicaid is not active as share of cost not being met. Funds are needed for monthly prescriptions, mainly Aldactone, as dosage has increased by 8 times and doctor appointments.

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