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Reese's family needs the funds for medical bills as well as general things you and I take for granted. Even if you donate a prayer or email.

Crystal Deck enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in 1996. She made it through the toughest military training in the world, and only shed a few tears in the process. The Marines Corps took her in as a young girl, and returned her to the world as a strong, independent woman. A warrior. A Marine. With that training, the many things they prepare you for is how to adapt and overcome. They train you how to take any situation, and conquer it. The Marine Corps shows you how to face the toughest trials in your life, head on, with your head held high, and with the determination to defeat any obstacle in your way.

What it did not prepare her for, was being a mother to a very sick child.

Her son, Reese, is 14 years old. Already in his young life, he has had to deal with the loss of a father, a medic in the Navy, who was supporting our freedom in the war on terror. He has had to become the man of the house at a young age and help his mother care for his two younger siblings as well. Not that Crystal asked for his help, remember, she was a Marine after all, but because he wanted to. He did it selflessly.

But, Reese also faces a much different challenge. A challenge that all men fear, and no child should ever have to worry about; testicular cancer. Yes, fourteen year old Reese has the type of cancer that makes all men scared, and yet, he has dealt with it so well. He has been able to deal with the fact that he has the treatment has left him severely malnourished. At five feet tall, he is barely over 60 pounds. To put this in perspective, Reese is 14, and wears size 5T (T for toddler) boxer shorts. The chemotherapy has drained him, and taken away his appetite. The constant medicine he needs makes him vomit and sick.

That is not the worst of it.

Crystal recently received more test results for Reese that are not good. He has to undergo another round of Chemo. He also faces the possibility of losing his other testicle. Losing one testicle is scary enough, but to face the thought of losing both is unbearable. That means more medicine, more sick feelings, more times wishing he could be a normal 14 year old boy.

Instead of Crystal worrying about the constant "fear" of all of the young ladies chasing her son, she has to face the daily challenges of reassuring Reese that he is not being punished by God. She has to remind him that no matter what he has to go through, God loves him.

Crystal also has to be a mother to her two younger children as well. She has to explain to them that they may have to go without some of the normal things most children want and need so they can pay for Reese's medicine and surgery. Socks, underwear, shoes, the necessities most of us take for granted are the little things this family would LOVE to have. Crystal and her family have willingly put their lives on hold for the well being of Reese.

We ask that you donate what you can to help support this family who has given so much for the freedoms of America.

If you have nothing to give, I ask that you pray for her and her family, and the many other families that have to go through this every day. Say a prayer for Crystal's other two children who are going without just so they can support their big brother.
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